Yo-Yo Boredom?

Hey guys, I haven’t been on this forum nor have I thrown a yo-yo in quite a few months now, and I’m starting to think I’m getting tired of yo-yoing. It kinda sucks though because I used to really like yo-yoing, and now I feel like getting back into it, but I don’t seem to be able to. Does anyone have any suggestions to help me spark up my interest for throwing again?

Watch tons of videos on youtube of awesome players or try to change up your style and challenge yourself

It feels almost like a “break up” when we lose interest in something that we were once so passionate about. And that’s a cruddy feeling. But you can’t force it! I’m sure people will have great suggestions for you that differ from mine, but mine is this: don’t yoyo when you don’t feel like it! Do other stuff. Find another hobby. Keep your ear to the ground and watch the occasional yoyo video if you like, and one day you might decide to try out a tutorial you stumbled on.

I haven’t picked up my guitar in a few weeks. And when I do, sometimes I just sit and play for an hour or two and shelve it for a few weeks again. I used to feel badly about it, but that was years ago. Time has proven to me that I will always be interested in guitar, and I really enjoy my time when I pick it up every other week. I will probably go through a full-on guitar obsession again in a year or two, but in the meantime I don’t feel too bad about letting it collect dust while I play yoyo. :wink: Hobbies are meant to be fun, and yoyo is fun for me right now. Let another hobby be fun for you, and reserve the right to return to yoyo again when it seems like it might be fun to chuck it for a few minutes here and there!


I would also look into other styles. Don’t just do 1a. You should also try 2a,3a,4a, or/and 5a. I know 2 a is fun and pretty easy.

And like gregP said, dont force it! Haha :wink:

I haven’t touched a yoyo in at least a week. Do I feel like I’ve lost interest? Nope. Am I getting tired of yoyoing? Nope.

Sometimes we just don’t have time for certain things. It doesn’t mean we like them any less. I’m sure if I picked up a yoyo right now I could go for a long time and enjoy it.

When ever I get kinda tired of yoyoing
Just kidding I never get tired of yoyoing

But some people have said that if you buy a new yoyo, new shapes, new brands, new colors, it will help you get more into it

Heh, no.

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Actually, I’m more irritated about the fact that he said don’t try other styles.

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Right now, I’m kinda tired of yoyo and skill toys in general. Yes, I have been throwing daily, but mostly as a time killer while I am waiting at my kids’ school at morning drop off until the teachers bring them into the classrooms from their lines, or after school as I wait for the teachers to bring them back out.

But, this applies to all the skill toys I have as far as my interest level being at an all time low. Spin tops, kendama(and variants), diabolo, juggling balls and other stuff. I wanted to get into being able to do some “party-type” magic/illusion/sleight of hand stuff, but I’m putting that on hold pending more investigation, seeing some demos and maybe having some hands-on help. I gotta hit a magic shop in the LA area or something when I go to Disneyland in November.

In my case, trying different styles isn’t a point of interest either. I am already doing 1A, 4A and 5A. 2A isn’t coming along, at least it’s not from the point of both hands looping at once. 3A I haven’t tried.

However yesterday, I was asked to do a demonstration for one of my kids’ classes, so that might re-ignite the fire. If I can do 5-10 2-handed loops, I can demonstrate 2A. This might be the excuse to learn some simple 3A stuff as well. I don’t need much for demonstration purposes, just a couple of tricks.

I started yoyoing over 10 years ago, and have taken several year-or-more breaks. I have yet to see if this theory holds true, but I’m starting to suspect that every time I’ve gotten “bored” of it was when I stopped challenging myself.

I’m currently experimenting to see what will happen if I keep trying to come up with my own new tricks, watch tutorial videos to expand, and watch other yoyo videos for inspiration.

So far, it seems to be really helping keep my interest level where it’s at. There’s also a limiting back-pain factor that means I can never yoyo as much as I want to, which I imagine is helping me stay into it (wanting what you can’t have :P)

Oh god sorry, I meant to put “try 2a,3a etc” not “dont try them” sorry, ill edit it.

And I find 2a way easier than all the other ones.

I bet your only doing it with 1 yoyo… Thats why you think its easier but then if your using 1 yoyo it’s not 2a :wink:

I’m sorry, but I find this extremely hard to believe. Show me a 2A video and then we’ll see.

Oh, so what’s it called if i do that? Thats what im doing…

0A is one handed looping tricks and other stuff using a single modified shaped yoyo.

I find it hard to believe also. Post a video on my 2A thread and let’s see.

Look up Janos Worlds 2013.

I know exactly how you feel. I have 4 main hobbies I cycle between depending on the year. At the moment it’s speedcubing and yoyoing. For the past 2 years or so yoyoing has kind of stopped during my school year, but I was able to pull together a freestyle well enough to still win stuff. Card flourishing and magic stuff was my big thing during those years. But still even after competitions, I would throw a lot until like two weeks later and then I stopped again. But then at MN states this year I made a goal to qualify for nats before I graduate from high school. So, yoyoing is my main thing along with speedcubing now. Just try and create stuff, and you’ll start to enjoy it more.

I used to be really into throwing but then I got into speedcubing and stopped. I saw a guy at camp throwing a YYJ legacy and told him that i throw too. He let me use it and he taught me a trick. When I got home I “rekindled” my love for yoyoing.

Unfortunately this happens to me to, my problem is that every summer after school has ended I stop seeing my friend who yoyos. And after a wile I just pack up my yoyo and don’t look at them for a wile. Sometimes I loose interest in them all together

Obviously I’m here now meaning I’m back in to it, so this is what I do personally. I can’t guaranty it will work for you but it is worth trying just the same.

In order to start yo-yoing you have to like or enjoy it first, you have to WANT to pick up the yoyo and if you don’t then you will never throw and if you don’t throw you can’t learn tricks.

Basically we are trying to spark your interest in yo-yoing again. Consider doing what ever it was that first got you into yo-yoing.
For example, for me it was a friend so I would go and talk to him about yo-yoing and watching how good he is at it made me want to start again.

Go on yoyoexpert, no really. I know your on it now but open a new tab and explore this wonderful website. Sometime just reading the forum and browsing the shop can do the trick.

Buy a yoyo. The one I saved for last because I feel it is the most reliable thing you can do. Let me explain, buying a new yoyo is great because you can, do longer sleepers and learn new tricks. From what I’ve learned being good at something is a great motivator to continue doing it. Already good at yo-yoing? Well then with a better yoyo what is your excuse not to be great at it? But most of all buying a yoyo is a great because are you really going to buy a new expensive yoyo and not use it. This go’s with most expensive products. You are not going to buy a yoyo just to put in a bag and forget about. The thing with new yoyos is that it almost forces you to play with it. It draws you to it.

Hope this helps.