Some one please help me!

I used to love yoyoing and couldn’t stop yoyoing and got pretty good but now I have lost that interest! I haven’t been to this site in forever and haven’t yoyoed in a while too! I really liked it but what’s going on with me! I am known to have “phases” but I hoped yoyoing wasn’t a phase! Someone help me please!

I think a lot of people go through that.
You just have to work it out and decide what to do.

just start throwing again! learn some new tricks and push your skills.

i stopped once and after a month got bored and nothin to do so i picked up my 888x and startted throwin then the sasquatch came out and i bought that

Life happens bro. Nothing we can do can help you gain interest again. Only you can do that. I do hope that you keep trying if you think you like it that much. I’ve been yoyoing (recently) for almost 7 years. I’ve had my times not yoyoing and I always seem to come back. If you really want to you will.

when i got bored with yoyoing it was basically me just getting bored of 1a all day every day so then i started doing 3a 4a and 5a and it suddenly opened a whole new door in what i thought possible with a yoyo and it made it fun for me again and now 5a is my second favorite style. i hope everything works out for you and if you cant get back into yoyoing i hope you can find a new hobby.

something that keeps me yoyoing is that like 4 of my freinds yoyo too so im not all alone


umm… learn new tricks

I would say meet other who play yoyo.

Hey man i feel ya. i did the same thing, i used to stay on this site and i always had a yoyo with me. Then i just stoped yoyoing. Ive just now started back, and its been almost a year. So just dont do somthing crazy and sell your yoyos keep them somewere you have to look at them and youll pick it back up.

Stop yoyoing. if you dont have fun, dont do it. You will come back to it if you really want to.

Well, it all depends on if:
a) You’re bored
b) You really don’t like it

If you are:
a) Learn new tricks or even a new style! Try making up your own “signature” moves.
b) Nothin we can do… :’(

EDIT: Also, if you find it too hard, skip the trick you are working on and move on. Then, come back to the trick later. Done this many times. Made my yoyoing experience FAR from boring!

Get a yoyo that is harder to play with.
Try responsive, if you don’t already.
Maybe fixed axle would be good.
If you are bored because it is too hard, then try doing just the oposit. buy crazy huge gapped yoyos and see if that helps.

Just keep yoyoing and as soon as you learn some new cool trick the feeling will come back to you. Everybody has that phase in every hobby, I have that depressive feeling that make me quit, too, I also play electric guitar and went through that phase a lot of times. take care and keep yoyoing

Sad sad, this is just sad, so so sad. I mean WTF, people cant even make up their own minds anymore, now they need a freaking forum to decide whether they want to throw a yoyo or not.
This is where we are as a community ?
And its not a isolated incident, look on all the yoyo forums, they are filled with questions like this, tell me what to buy, tell me what to wear, tell me what to say, tell my yoyo what to do, on and on and on.
This is why I do not, why I cannot browse these forums but a tiny bit, I see posts like this and they just piss me off.
I thought yoyo was a hobby that attracted individuals, but it seems to have been turned into a giant stamp collecting club where people pat each other on the back for being stupid and admire each other pretty yoyos.
Thankfully I actually enjoy the action of throwing and catching a yoyo, the forums, all of them, are a mild and usually miserable distraction. If this is the yoyo community, hanging out on forums and BS’ng about retarded stupid crap, leave me out of it thanks.
And if you don’t want to yoyo, dont.
Its pretty simple when you really analyze the situation!

Owww! That hurt, I will tell you that. The way I see it is we want others opinions so we make less mistakes. If I didn’t have this forum I probly wouldn’t be as into yoyoing as I was.

It would never hurt anybody just to ask.

anyway, why it has to be new trick, mew yoyo, etc?
why not meet other who yoyo.
there should be a yoyo meet near you, and what i mean by near is probably a couple hours driving.
I drive nearly 4 hours, through traffic jam, just to meet friends. And it energized me to throw among friends.
even this forum energized me too.