How to interest myself in yoyoing again?

Hello! I haven’t really done anything yoyo related for almost half a year now, barely even pick any of my throws up anymore. I recently decided to give it to go to realize that i haven’t made any progress. Any tips on how to interest myself again and progress my skills? Also i know most of the yye tricks and have made many of my own to give a picture of my skill level. My weakness is slacks and crazy whips. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Find a local club and throw with them

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Try mixing things up a bit with some looping, counterweight or offstring play. Try and adapt what you’ve learned in 1A and have a bit of fun.


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Don’t force yourself to have fun, because if you do, you won’t. Just pick up a throw every once in a while, and see then.

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Yes yoyoing can be lot’s of fun when your just hanging out and throwing with some friends.

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Take up a similar toy, like kendama, and do it for a few weeks. The out the kendama down and switch to yoyo. You’ll feel like a pro haha. If I get bored of yoyoing I kendama for a bit.

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Watch some videos of people yoyoing on YouTube. That helps me sometimes. Or get a new yoyo. Sometimes getting a new yoyo can be a good push to start up again.

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It’s not like it’s a spouse or anything. If you’re feeling a bit bored of it, put it away for a while… or forever… it’s funny how people feel obligated to stay interested in stuff!

There are so many hobbies and interesting things to do in the world… if yoyo’s not cutting it, why force it?

I do still think that you’re a yoyoer now, though. Which means you could chuck around a basic trick or two a few times a week. :wink: Or keep one with you and play it in line at the bank (or whatever) even if you’re not playing it obsessively at home or preparing for contests and making videos.

Yoyo for life!


Has this ever happened to anyone? You decide you are done with something so you sell or give everything away. Then you wake up and you say, “OH NO,” and then you have to buy it again because you realize, to late, that you just needed a break.

Yeah just sell or give all your yoyo stuff away then it will hit you like a brick! ::slight_smile:

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This lol that’s why I stopped getting rid of everything of a certain hobby. I’d keep just a little.

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Oh yeah. The thing I do is try stuff over and over again too. Like electric guitar. I love playing acoustic guitar and am pretty good at it, but I’m not really into playing electric. But that doesn’t seem to stop me from buying an electric guitar every year or so. I play it a month or so then sell it on craigslist.

To the original poster, I’d agree with just taking a break. Don’t get rid of them. If you have a large collection, maybe sell half of it off, make a few bucks, and keep a few of your favorites. Then put those away for a while. You’ll have less clutter in your life, and a bit more money to try something else. After a while, you’ll probably want to get your yo-yos out again. And since yo-yoing seems to be subconscious muscle memory, all your tricks will come right back to you.


You dont have to make yourself yoyo again. But i you want to get back into it i suggest learning a new trick or syle like double or tethered dragon.

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YES. And u could give all your stuff to me ::slight_smile:

Jk… i mean… unless you want to :smiley:

I 2nd what greg said :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks for all the replies you guys! Another problem is that i’ve been going through some anxiety issues. It’s almost like i’m worrying about not being good enough or landing a trick. Like every time i throw the darn yoyo i get a mini anxiety attack and worry that i won’t land the trick. Except at the same time, yoyoing reliefs my anxiety. It’s some screwed up cycle that gets my head spinning. And then when I think of the cycle I get worried that there’s that cycle and then ayyyayayayaya BLAH!!! Its quite infuriating how such a small thing such as a yoyo can trigger that.

Anyways, i’ll take your guys advice, i’ll go to BAC and maybe a club, watch some yoyoers on youtube, try to learn new stuff, explore new concepts. If after all that I don’t enjoy it anymore, then that’s that.


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Is it…Hey! Wait a sec. I have so many friends with anxiety issues. Could I be the cause? Naah…but maybe I am…It can’t be me…Can it?..Is it because I use a hybrid response and a silent bearing…Maybe it’s not me…It’s the noise of the response…What if it is me…aaaaaagh!

I only jest as I have friends with anxiety issues and I understand how dehabilitating or how minor the problem can be. Kudos to you for recognizing the issue and dealing with it. Mad respect for people that face their personal demons. Best of luck breaking the cycle.

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^You gave me a free thankyou so I had to give you one back.

About the anxiety thing.

You said it happens when your afraid you won’t land a trick. But why are you so concerned about that no ones watching you. And if you really do miss the trick you can just try it again.

Basically what I’m trying to say if you didn’t get that is. Don’t worry about missing a trick if you miss it you cab just do it over no big deal. Just have fun. :wink:

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Or even if someone IS watching you. :wink: They don’t care if you miss a trick!

But some anxieties are not “logical” so trying to logic a solution unfortunately doesn’t work. Let’s hope these are ones you can overcome, Supbreh!

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I used to be unable to throw 1.5 mounts when I first started for some reason. It was like, I just couldn’t bring myself to do it for fear that I’d hit myself in the hand.

Now I’m cracking my knuckles open left right and center and I couldn’t really care less, it just comes with practice. :slight_smile:

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my idea is stop saying you cant land it just say you can and annihilate the worry. What i learned a while back is that it is better to try and fail then to not try at all so what i did was i celebrated a failure because that means from the trick i learned a new element or something i could do into a new or made up trick. Plus it helps to take a giant leap of faith when learning a trick. Now I’m not saying go ham o nthe caribou lodge tutorials but maybe try again at a trick you attempted earlier.

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I’m just here for the free thank you.

Also, you’re welcome.