Why Do You YoYo?

admit it, yoying is an uncommon hobby. I am the only person in my friend group that does it. so i am asking you guy, why do you yoyo?

I do it because I love it and it makes me happy.
Plus as a college student its so much better than drinking at parties or doing drugs.

but what made you pick up a yoyo and stick with it?

I was bored one day and said hey I have a yoyo,and then called its majestic name and a bond was formed that day.

Because it gets all the ladies. Duh.

because when i go to parties people give me money and on st patricks day ;D

I like it, I yoyo for fun, it’s challenging and I feel more realized for doing tricks right than making levels on videogames. And, there’s really no reason not to yoyo. :wink:

  1. It gives me a creative outlet
  2. It gives me something productive to do when bored
  3. It makes me unique
  4. It lets me impress people
  5. It has a super-awesome community behind it, full of great people and ideas (I’m looking at you guys)
  6. IT’S FUN!!!

It gets me girls. That and money.


If only…

What are you talking about yoyoing gets you tons of ladies are you kidding me man i mean come on the chicks love the spinning things as they whirl around the string it like hypnotizes them man.

Oh they think it’s cool enough when I’m throwing, but as soon as I bind and pocket it most just go right back to ignoring me.

Dude brilliant idea never stop yoyoing just do it all the time no matter what and if people tell you to stop just play these songs so they be quiet and then you win and they lose and they go home.

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It just looks soo cool, and I enjoy the challenge.

My mom said that i was born with a yoyo in my hand. lol. I can not remember a time that i didn’t like playing a yoyo. When i started the unresponsive modern day tricks a few years ago i just continued my love from childhood.


Why do you do anything? I enjoy it.

I yoyo for many reasons… Mainly it is the fun I have while I am throwing… When I have a yoyo in my hand I am happy… It is that simple. If I have had a bad day I will pick up a yoyo and within a few seconds I am already feeling better. I can let my mind go…

I am very lucky to live in an area where there are SOOO many great “yoyo” people to throw with… It makes it that much more fun… There are really two yoyo communities for me… The “online” community which is great… And then there is the “local” community which is even better.

And then there are all these yoyos… The precision and art that goes into making these “toys” is just crazy when you think about it…

it helps make my swag go up in swag points sort of like a level up bar in a video game.

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Because yoyoing is alright I guess.


Because I moved and have nothing to do.