why do u do it??

its a very simple Question.


I started as a juggler, but with low ceilings I couldn’t practice a 7 ball cascade in my living room. So yo-yoing became substitute, then replacement, and as yoyoexpert’s growing bank account can attest, it’s now an obsession.

It is competitive, takes a lot of practice to be good, and isn’t something many do … being able to whip out your yoyo and impress people by doing the simplest of tricks is just plain old fun.

I am still only a month or two in, with very little practice in (I am working on Mcbride Roller coaster) but my goal is to become one of the best, just as I am in my other hobby (nerd alert: World of Warcraft).

for the last three hours ever day i have nothing to do. nothing good on tv and dont feel like using the computer so since i had already had some expirence in yoyoing but quit a long time ago i pickedd it back up again and well it started as something to fill my time and now i do it as a great fun hobby I <3 YOYOS (not the brand)

i saw grant johnson on TSLOD. thought it was awesome. too many threads like this

later, ill find an old post with the full story

well, my yoyoing started with guitar. went and got a yoyo to keep my picking hand strong.

why do I keep yoyoing? The people. every single person I have the chance to meet through yoyoing is special to me, even if I don’t have the chance to meet all of them. Anyone I have already met is a great person, and a great friend to me, even if they don’t know it.

I did it to keep the slargoth at bay.

I do it because it goes well with a suit.

Cause I can. I will, and anyone who tries to stop me is going to be in trouble.

: D

a Person named Zach Ball (May have heard of him) started throwing at our school. I bought one and have been addicted to it since.

I do it for the money… Just kidding I do it because it’s fun.

Disregard women, acquire currency.

I do it because it is fun and it is something that nobody i know does(like solving a rubik’s cube) and that it impresses people.

lol I love that.
My little pony theme song old school version…

Because it looked so freakin’ cool! I had always wanted to do it so now…I do. It’s also a very fun and a great time passer.

Because ther are many tricks, when you feel you have mastered it all, a new harder and cooler trick show up


because its fun!!!, and to maintain my sanity(i have 4 kids)

Chloe Moretz isn’t my girlfriend yet, and I’m just passing my time til that happens
Meeting people who share the same interest is beyond fun
(See first reason)
I have this thing, where I try to be good at everything (or at least descent)
It is fun just weaving the yo yo through strings, the challenge of improving is fun

Did it actually make your picking hand stronger? I play guitar/bass and didn’t notice a change…