Why do you throw?






To keep my sanity. Seriously, great stress/anxiety killer. Plus I love physics.


It’s fun and relaxing plus a good thing to show people.


i agree completely with this, that was the reason why i initially started,and why i still do, but it grew into a skill,so my main reason is to perfect that skill to my highest ability.and yea fun XD


always dabbled with yoyos as a kid, had a yomega brain and of course the brain lube pen. never accomplished much but sleepers and rock the baby and such. took a yoyo class at the local community center and everything.

then in 2007 i was living in chicago for fashion school and was browsing superfuture a lot. around that time the high post count guys who had the coolest faded selvedge jeans started yoyoing, i remember anti- yo was the shit back then. i bought 3 yoyojam plastic yoyos (had an o ring on one side and the star pattern on the other) that i cant remember the name of and dont see in the stores anymore. struggled like crazy with breakaway throws, and never did much.

recently i was having a drunken conversation with my fiancee and remembered yoyos for some reason. i was immediately hyped on the idea. i went through all my shit at my parents house the next day and found my yoyojams, and started throwing again. man those things are pieces of crap. they are too vibey to spin long and incredibly unpredictable. i searched for the yoyo forum i used to creep (its not active but someone posted the archive lately, dont remember the name) and ended up finding this place, where i found out that the wyyc was happening the next day. i watched the whole tournament live while looking into what everyone threw and what was around these days.

i was amazed at what i saw in the tourny, especially the more stylish players, and bought a shutter, that ive been throwing since. i can do sidemount tricks now and it feels great, i think having a decent yoyo is immensely important to progression, because i can do tricks on those shitty yoyojams now that i learned on my shutter, and not the other way around.

i throw now because its an affordable cool activity you can do anywhere any time, and im having a daughter in January so i gotta work on my cool dad stuff. i can only really do double or nothings, but i appreciate the learning curve, and im still having a blast. already thinking about my next throw (as i see they are called now), and ive learned a lot from you guys already, thanks!


So I can be referred to as ‘the weird kid that yoyos’.

It’s cool, it’s unique, it’s great for hand-eye coordination, it’s a wonderful conversation-starter, the ladies absolutely…[DATA NOT FOUND]


When I was a kid, I only played with a yo-yo because other kids did it.
Now, I throw to
a) pass time.
b) have some fun
c) release stress


Ha me to.


for me its to have fun and inspire others to start up with the sport :smiley:


When I was a little kid (long, long time ago) yo-yoing was fun. When I rediscovered it a few years ago I found that it was still FUN. Along with the fun it is helping my hand-eye coordination. All this and I have some really cool yoyo’s. That is why I throw!

(Erik Kerber ) #12

I yoyo for fun and to make new friends its great being able to go to a yoyo club and hangout with a bunch of other people that yoyo and just talk about whatever and yoyo at the same time.

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No one posted this yet?  :wink:

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I thoght of that vid as soon as I saw this thread. But I didn’t feel like posting it.

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To be honest I don’t know why exactly I yoyo. There are times when it’s actually not fun but I keep doing it anyway… I just want to do it.
Maybe that’s what they called love… or addiction.


It’s fun, it takes stress away, and overall, it’s just a really cool hobby that I enjoy doing! :slight_smile:

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As I progress in yoyoing the reason I throw slowly changes, but my top reason is to have fun.


The sOMEThING Addiction.


Or SPYY Addiction.


It’s just part of my daily routine more habit than anything else now.