Why do you throw

Hey all, after about a 10 year break from the game i have gotten back into it. I want to get other peoples responses on why they throw for two reasons. First because I am very addicted and want to see how you became addicted also. Second is because I want to see if there is any up side to the sport other then the pure fun. I have gotten back into throwing because I have found that it calms my nerves and gives me something to do with my hands. I am a suffer or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from injuries I received while serving in Iraq, i have found this hobby to be a huge release, and helps keep my mind steady. If i ever feel anxious i know i can just grab one of my throws and everything will go away, it is nice after about 5 years to find something to take it all away. I want to maybe reach out to others and see if they are feeling the same way about the hobby as I do.

for me it shows that there is always room for self improvement, a lot of people these days think they have nothing to work on, nothing to improve, that’s never true :wink: also I like LOVE showing people the sport and teaching/watching them improve. they always think that a yoyo is just toy ( while it is, its more than a toy in a way :smiley: ) then when you show them some tricks, they are always so amazed. After that they are hooked! Plus you are always wanting to learn, new tricks and combos, it never gets boring ;D !


  1. It’s fun
  2. It’s addicting
  3. It’s a hobby that I’ve been doing for a while and I’d go crazy if I stopped
  4. It improves hand-eye coordination…

Because I love being unique!
I have the weirdest hobbies ever (and probably personality as well)!

It just makes me feel good while I’m doing something I love and that I’m not ‘one-of-the-pack’!

I’m good at it!

  1. I do a lot of reading/studying, so yoyoing gives me something to do while standing when taking a break to clear my mind.

  2. For the thrill and excitement of finding a new trick.

  3. Yoyoing provides a good challenge.

this is very well spoken and true. Good job.

So that ^ and it’s relaxing. Focusing on one thing that is really complicated and interesting is calming and gives me oppuritunity to get things straight.

This. I also like that there’s always something new to learn and improve.


Main reason is that is fun, but there is hand eye coordination, imagination enhancement , relaxation, etc.

It’s kinda relaxing. Like even if I’m not mad I yoyo and feel chill. It’s weird but it works for me. Plus it’s fun.

It’s fun and its relaxing

I know that if my parents are fighting I can just pick up a yoyo and I’ll start to feel better.

And I love showing off to people that have never seen a yoyo before. Just the other day I was at menard’s with my dad he was looking for something for a projext he was working on and since menards is the most boring place on earth IMO I started throwing and thes to little kids walked by (6 years old max) And they were like wow that is so cool how do you do that. And that mad myday right there. :smiley:

I love it cut its fun, relaxing, and just something really cool to do. It gives me a chance to relieve stress from the day or whatever and calm my nerves. Plus, I love when I’m out at like Costco or something and people see me throwing, they act like if it’s the coolest thing going they’ve ever seen! :slight_smile:

Because I feel like it


I’ve always enjoyed working on skill-based hobbies. In this case, I can fall back on things I’ve learned when I just want to play and enjoy fun tricks. Additionally, when I’m pushing for something new and, in particular, significantly more difficult, feel like I can focus on something over which I have control. Life seems to become more and more of a grind as you go through being an adult, and it’s something that I can control and grow when other things are stagnant or out of control. And the stuff I already know allows me to just have fun for short amounts of time as a release.

similar to above, improves the hand eye coordination as well as timing and quick reflex. besides that it is just downright fun. very satisfying to see the gradual improvement when learning a new trick. first time I try a new trick, i can’t event get close - but after a day or so it starts getting better and better than gradually it becomes very consistent and makes you wonder why it was so hard in the beginning. i love that feeling.



Because clyw exists…

Okay but on a more serious note, i love the flow of the yo, finding that perfect bearing string throw combo, and just getting lost in the magic

I throw because its fun and relaxing!
It makes my problems melt away :smiley:

Thank you all for your input. I like seeing what makes others tick