Why do we throw


I started yoyoing whenever we moved to another place and I had nobody to talk to so I bought a yoyo one day and just started to throw, at first I didn’t know what I was doing but I kept practicing and practicing and I got better and better. My yoyo was one of my first friends when we moved here #yomegamaverick. So why do you guys throw?


I will leave this here^

I throw because I want to do something unique. It feels great to make a trick that you know no one else would have made. It also helps me calm down when emotions are high.


Every element I figure out by myself, I find out it’s already been discovered by somebody else sooner or later :stuck_out_tongue:

Now on topic, I throw because I can constantly improve and have fun doing it. The fact that I might someday be the guy that people look up to and take inspiration for their own tricks from and expect to place high at contests is what keeps me going. What can I say, I’m a competitive person :smiley:


A friend of mine wanted to catch up, and he started throwing… I remember playing with a yomega brain as a kid and it was kind of nostalgic for me. When I bought my first metal I was addicted. It gives me a way to relax and sort through things in my head. After I throw i’m able to think about things a little clearer, and it honestly just makes me feel better. Whether I throw for a couple minutes or a couple hours, it always makes me feel better.