Odd places you’ve practiced throwing

I’ll admit it: I am strange and I’ve thrown in strange places…

Sometimes I get fidgety at work or Starbucks and feel the need to discretely throw so I take care of business in the private, large restroom. Once a week I go to a matinee and usually go in pretty early and if there’s no one else there I’ll practice a little. Luckily, with my job as part of the recreation staff of a large resort, yoyoing is not discouraged by my boss - he actually gets perturbed if I stop when he enters the room.

Just throwing this topic out there… Anyone else have anything to chime in with?


Where do I apply?! I would never throw in a restroom. I cannot think of anywhere strange. Throwing never feels strange to me no matter where I throw, but a restroom is just about the strangest place I have heard!

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It’s not like stall or anything! Just a private place.

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I’m a carpenter by trade, so I usually find some obscure Place wherever I’m working to go throw for a little while. Also, the other day I climbed up on the roof of my house and threw up there for a little while. I got to looking at the overhang over the porch and thought to myself, you know, I bet I could jump up and grab that thing. Then one thing led to another and I ended up on top of the roof.


I’ve thrown at my grandfather’s burial site.


I like throwing off of high places too!


That is…well, I’m sorry about your grandfather.


Its alright man. I actually started yoyoing shortly after he passed away. He was always fascinated by that type of stuff and he never got to see me do it lol. Throwing is definitely a good coping mechanism lol


at the end of a narrow cave, scared the heck outta some teenagers trying to drink.


I think it can be, for sure. Sometimes when I get frustrated I will do a really fast combo (frontstyle) that I know by heart and know I won’t mess up and do it 3-4 times. I think it’s the physical movements of hands and arms as well as the actual yoyo that mimic aggression that actually releases some stress / hostility / whatever and at the same time, the yoyo is literally something I CAN control unlike a lot of situations that life presents. I definitely think there are deeper reasons than just fun that makes people become attached to throwing. Or it may be that I just came home from work, am tired and have absolutely know idea what I am talking about.

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I was throwing ten hours a day for like the first year i started playing lol. When i wasn’t throwing i was watching yoyo videos.


When falling asleep I am thinking of ways to alter tricks into new tricks - different fingers to do mounts on or totally new mounts, ways to pinch off lengths of strings to make a trick faster, other assorted things. Luckily, with my job the way it is, I do not have to wait to go home to throw. I have thrown aside all trick ladders and decided to wander and I am having a ball.

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Your lucky with your job lol. How long u been throwing. I’m at just around 6 years myself now


Hit and miss from August 2015 until now but quit out of frustration for months at a time during that time but somehow this September things started clicking and now I can do things I never thought I’d be able to do 2 1/2 months ago.


ya boi threw while on a toilet


I got a good one. One day I took my Mom to the Hospital for some tests. The Kaiser facility was very expansive. So large that besides all the surface parking; there are 2 large parking structures at each end of the facility.

I got tired of hanging in one area. So I decided to walk around and take a foot tour of the Place. I get all the way up towards the west end/south side and I see this really nice sort of Meditation garden. Open on the walkway side, trees to the left and right and mirrored glass in a reverse curve about 30 feet wide.

I seldom see myself throwing yoyos. And I certainly am not good enough to make yoyo videos. But I thought it would be interesting to see just how smooth or choppy my single tricks and combos looked in the amazingly clear reflections of the mirrored glass?

So I break out my Dazzler. Give it a few warm up throws. Check my string tension. And then start tearing it up like I was seriously good, hahaha.

I don’t have a big arsenal of tricks. But I just pulled them out of the hat as I went along: Spirit Bomb, And Whut, Eli Hops, a few Gyros, Ninja Vanish, Hidemasa Hook, Turbo Encapsolator, Matrix, Plastic Whip, Boing-E-Boing, Kwijibo, Skin the Gerbel, a few Suicides and a few more I can’t remember at the moment.

Amazingly; I was hitting everything… everything; like I actually knew what I was doing. I kept going longer than I had intended; simply because I was on fire, lol.

Finally I decided that was enough and wore down the spin doing as many wrist mounts and hooks that I could without a regen. The yoyo fizzled out, I smiled and shook my head and thought, ‘how cool was that’?

I left that nice tree lined cove with the bench and fancy planter and walked west about 20 yards. It was kinda warm that day and I felt thirsty. I saw a double glass door to the right. I figured they must have a water fountain in there somewhere; right?

So I go in and instinctively turn to the right. I walked until I was entering a waiting room full of people. As I entered; a good number of people were smiling at me. Really smiling at me. Some nodding their heads.i thought, ‘What friendly people around here’. I saw a sign saying Restrooms and there were two water fountains to the right. I drank enough water and then turned around to leave the same way I came in.

A lady said, ‘ My son thinks you are great’. Huh? I had no idea what she was talking about? And I said thanks but I’m not sure what you mean? She pointed towards the large windows on the other side of the room. Right as I was following her finger; a few people were just sitting down on a bench outside.

At that moment I realized something crazy😳. When I was outside; The windows are mirrored. But from the inside; you can see outside perfectly🤔

So when I was out there jamming on my own; most everybody in that room sitting facing the windows; were watching, ‘The Dr. Mo Yoyo Show’.

For a few fleeting minutes; I was a legend in my own mind😎

I had no idea anybody was watching me.

Lucky for me because I prolly wouldn’t have hit anything, haha.

It did give me a better insight on how Real players must feel when they nail their on stage freestyles.

A good memory for sure.


Wow!!! That is like something from a movie! I wonder if someone shot it on their phone? Great story! Thank you.


Not sure if I should have clicked the heart. I’ve seen people looping while sitting down but I’m not sure if I should ask for more details…

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That’s unholy!

That’s awesome. I really want to go to the top of one of the skyscrapers here in Rochester ny and throw with my go pro. POV cam near the edge would look amazing i think lol. We have some 100 story buildings here i want to go up