Where do you throw?

I didn’t seem to see another post like this but forgive me if there is one. This is my first post and I thank you guys very much for all the help you’ve given me in this forum, you guys made the search bar fairly well at knowing what I’m talking about with troubles I have.

More to the point, where do you throw?
It always makes time go by when I’m in line or waiting for my aunt at the doctor,
I love throwing in the yoyo section at my local store, haha easy stuff is amazing to the little ones.

I’d love to hear what you guys got to say!

Mostly in the family room and living room at my house. Sometimes the backyard, sometimes the front yard.

At the park, or other open spaces.

Other places, especially with lack of open space and lots of people, I don’t unless requested to. Safety, feature of stupid lawsuits. The only exception is Yolex and contests. At Yolex, I throw darn near constantly, as I’m being shown stuff, trying stuff and learning stuff. At contests, I’m usually not throwing, I just don’t have time as I’m running sound, but that’s OK.

I throw, Like Studio, in my house. Backyard, frontyard, I think throwing outside is a lot nicer than inside because of the extra room and the fresh air. In Public? Not really. Occasionally I’ll whip out my Yoyo when I am bored.

I throw in my room, right in front of the computer, where I can stay on the forum, and watch videos at the same time. Also, for some reason, everytime I see wide, open spaces, I just feel like throwing (like at the field, etc.)

I mostly throw at work which is a call center full of cubicle dwellers. Its freakin awesome.

I work a graveyard shift and just waltz around the entire empty building at 3am throwing. Some times you see me circling the building doing tricks and security comes by to see exactly ::in Canadian mounty accent from the south park movie:: “What’s going on here?” .

But then like many else have said, a lot of time is spent standing infront of my computer watching Andre Boulay yt vids over and over again.

As far as yoyoing in public (like in the streets or at a park)…theres 3 times when that is socially acceptable:

  1. You are under the age of 12. (I’m 25)
  2. You competition ready and can actually impress the uninitiated. (I’m a n00b)
  3. You are chilling with at least 2 other people. (I only know one other dude who doesn’t belittle my yoyo efforts)

Regarding number 3. For some reason this makes it okay if you are hanging with other people who are also throwing. Consider the following comparison:

3 People hanging out throwing a toy = Silly but as socially acceptable as playing hacky sack.
1 dude fastidiously working out the kinks of a complicated trick by him self in public = Rather frightening experience to bystanders.

Am I right?

I like to throw in Central Park, all around Harlem, and my favorite place to throw is at Chelsea Piers here in Manhattan. Wide open spaces with lots of people around to watch makes me happy :slight_smile:


At home in any room. At work pretty much anywhere since the kids I work with love to watch. Just have to change my string often on my throws at work just to be safe. If I’m out in public I try to keep things safe and only throw in open areas.

This partially goes to memoria,


Lmao, im not jokin’. I throw at least 5 hours in a busy mall while im at work. And yes memoria, im 33 and by myself. I’m not hatin on ya, i’m laughin while writing this. just sayin I love pulling crowds that just walk up or walk by and see all the kids faces light up and the adults askin’ me “where do you get a yoyo like that?”. “YoyoExpert.com”.

After that is throwin in my living room watchin TV. Or at Walmart walking around. At the park. On a bridge. At the movie theater waiting for the movie to start. I throw everywhere. I’m usually by myself (well sometimes my daughter is with me, but she doesn’t throw ) and don’t care.

I love yoyoing and if someone throws me a dirty look or hates on me for doin it, then they just jealous i’m enjoyin life and having fun. I got one brute of a gang banger that said “look at the grown boy playin wit his yoyo” and started laughin. I challenged him to try it, he might like it. Told him I would show him a trick. He agreed. handed him my pro z and taught him how to do dizzy baby and Eiffel tower. He had fun and so did his boys watchin and he left. He now has a protostar and stops by every now and again for trick help. God I love yoyos.

Don’t be scared to pull out your yoyo in the most public places, even by yourself. Never know what adventure is around the corner.

Happy throwin’

I usually throw wherever there is carpet around the house, and where I am not in the way. I do 4a outside occasionally but I hardly ever throw in public.

Anywhere where I’m not going to hurt someone if they walk by. But I do have great control so pretty much everywhere. I even yoyo at work…

I’m at a boarding school so I tend to only throw in my room (sometimes I throw in the hallway if I feel like chatting to somebody). My room’s pretty narrow though, (I can touch both walls at the same time, and half of that space is taken up by my bed), and I have to be careful not to hit the ceiling. xD

I’ll have to upload a photo at some point…

I throw at home usually living room or my room, or outside. I do my 4a outdoors for a good reason. Also I throw at work (during lunch) and at my niece’s softball games where I’m now known as the yoyo guy.

Anywhere in the house where there arent any breakables…lol

In my house.

If I’m ever in Manhattan again, I’ll let you know.

Usually this.

Or sometimes in my backyard I get my Fiesta XX and throw it as high as I can and try to catch it.

I throw while walking in busy areas, such as downtown in my neighborhood. I’ve never hit anyone with my yoyo, and have never had any complaints about it.

I throw at school and home. Once I was yoyoing at school an this popular kid and his friend came to me and said haha you yoyo? And then I told him to try it, but all I had on me was my DM2 so I gave him that. He started playing it like a Duncan imperial and throws with his palm down. So he tries to raise it and (it was unresponsive) it doesn’t work. Lol. Well I’m like here this is how you do it and binder it back. When I taught him and tried and failed he’s like this things broken and threw it on the asphalt. Well I have a gigantic ding now.lol

Woow… That’s pretty ignorant of him, it’s funny how people hate on something they know nothing about.

Living room and the park. Sometimes in public places that are not to crowded if I am waiting for something or someone.