Where did you throw today?

I always have a yoyo with me and Im sure you do to. So that brings up the question, exactly where did you throw today?

my room lol that’s all, and well let my yoyo spin as i ran thru the house to grab the phone

In target.

Work, in front of some coworkers and owners of the company I work for.

They didn’t know yo-yos could do that.

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My room

I was in the hospital for the last three days. Had my wife bring me an OUT JFF. Figured it would be easy enough to throw around a fixed while roaming the halls on my mandatory walks. Of course I was asked if I could walk the dog…


My living room… pretty normal day.

Home and school normal day.

I do that to :stuck_out_tongue:

The QLC. and various other stores.
Also some outside yoyoing. Getting with nature!

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Basement, living room, while walking up and down the stairs lol.

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I’m homeschooled, so I don’t even have to move to do that. Lol.

I was throwing at the Hindu color festival today! Beat that! :wink:

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Play rehearsal…director got mad :slight_smile:

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Just my place. It’s bright and sunny out but we’re getting 20-30 mph wind gusts so outdoors is not on the list for today :stuck_out_tongue:


I thought this was a interesting thread. Im a big fan of public display of yo-yoing.
I throw on the subway on my commute to work mostly. Lately I’ve been spending a lot .if Time in hospitals so i throw in waiting areas a lot, its a big ego boost above Im always a big hit even with my minimal skill . I am sure we all are always packing at least one throw… maaybe throwing is a good way to keep a minimal social distance :wink:. Where did u throw today?


My bedroom and out in front of the house… Yesterday, had to do a Home Depot run despite “shelter in place” and took the Clique along to aid in keeping a “social distance”. I just about always carry a throw on me as I always seem to find some opportunity to throw.


i’ve spent a lot of time at home lately, and i have four places that i’ll post up, but only 2 have the room to really ‘ open up’… still eotking on a dedicated yoyo room


Dedicated yoyo room! Dare to dream! Im luck my wife allows one display in the living room :grin: