Your Most Frequented Throw Space

I looked for a thread like this, and it’s escaping me, so I’d like everyone to post three things:

  1. The location of your most frequent throw space (indoors or outdoors).
  2. If indoors, tell us what room in the house/at work/or school, you throw in the most.
  3. Tell us why you end up throwing there so often.

I’ll start:

I throw most frequently indoors, in the bedroom. Not that it makes the most sense. I think I choose that location, because I stack my yo-yo cases in a bedroom closet, so when I get ready to throw, I have the most access to them. I’m not even sure why I keep them in the bedroom closet. I have a few near empty rooms I could throw in…but I don’t. :-\ The room is long and rectangular, and has two sections (one meant to be a sitting area I guess), so I stand in the part with no furniture.

Second favorite is the living room. I have a yo-yo stand there with a few yo-yos on it. Sometimes I see the yo-yos and just throw there out of convenience. I have plenty of grass, but rarely throw outside in the yard. I’m not even sure why. :-\

If you have a photo of the space…feel free to post.

I throw in my bedroom when I am at home because it has the most room. When I’m not home I try to do it while walking and just randomly outside or inside.

Maybe most of us throw in the bedroom then. That would be interesting, for sure. :smiley: I was going to make a poll, but there are too many options outdoors and indoors.

There’s very little space to throw in my house, bedroom included, so I tend to throw in my living room downstairs. My family are used to the sound of yoyos whirring around so it doesn’t seem to bother them whilst they watch TV.

I throw in my kitchen sometimes as well, but since the floor is made of tiles I realise it’s not the best idea so it’s only here and there.

Since i spend most of my time at work, that’s where i throw. Showroom floor.
All the space you want, free air conditioning (it’s a hot country). And free internet to post stuff.

I have also thrown in the kitchen…it’s not in my top 2 spots, but I’ve done it too.

Showroom floor sounds nice, lots of floor, and high ceilings I suppose. I also have some nice rooms at work to throw, but I rarely get the chance to use them.

My bedroom. It has plenty of space, and also happens to be where my yoyo collection and audio system are. Sometimes I throw in the backyard when it’s nice (over the grass, I’ve learned not to throw over the patio by now).

I throw in my living room. It has plenty of space for me to try whatever I like. Then the next is my bedroom but I dont yoyo very much in there only because there isnt much space. Even if I keep all my yoyo stuff in my bedroom I usually always have a yoyo on a nightstand in my living room.

It looks like the bedroom is the way to throw…I mean “go.” ;D

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At work I throw in the disabled bathroom. There’s noone in our office that actually requires it so I run off now and then and throw my Supernova Lite around. =D

lol. I think that most people throw in their bedrooms to relax because it is kind of your most private and relaxing space in the house. If. Not in my bedroom, I throw in my living room. It’s way to humid to throw outside where I live :-.

:smiley: I really got a chuckle…the disabled bathroom part. You can go in there, lock the door, and do your thing. That’s actually great thinking. One of the reasons I don’t throw at work is that I don’t need “attention” or an audience. Throwing for me is usually my alone time. I have a bathroom like that at work too…you need a passcode to get in there. I’m going to try that idea some time.

Yeh its the same here, I work in a big, quiet, open plan office, so any yoyoing would bring too much undesired attention. Being able to lock yourself away and get a few minutes of practice in during the day is great, really helps break up the work day.

Especially Mondays… I think I spend more time throwing than working just to make it through the day. =P

Agreed, a great way to take your mind off of things, and go back to work with a little more energy too. Getting up and moving around for a bit really helps renew that energy. I find myself more productive after a short break too.

In my old house bedroom > living room, now living room > bedroom > kitchen. Used to keep my yoyo cases in my bedroom in the old house and had yoyos on the nightstand. Now I have my cases in the living room and yoyos on the coffee table and it’s where I spend the majority of my time. Have my excess yoyo related stuff in my bedroom and throw in there a decent amount. Throw in the kitchen because I need something to do while I’m cooking sometimes.

Here goes!!! I like this one!!

  1. The location of your most frequent throw space (indoors or outdoors).

I’d say based on time of year it is about 75% inside 25% outside (Spring, Summer, Fall) 100% inside during the Winter.

  1. If indoors, tell us what room in the house/at work/or school, you throw in the most.

I throw mainly in my living room. It is where my throws are kept and it’s may main “chill” room. I have however thrown in my kitchen and bedroom though. My livingroom has my TV, computer and my guitars as well so it’s my all around “man cave”.

  1. Tell us why you end up throwing there so often.

I kind of explaned that above. It is just where I spend most of my free time. I also throw a little bit in my basement when I am down there snapping yoyo pix… I will update with pics of my throw spaces this evening.

Outside! Because the sun is full of love and light we need, and a nice breeze and beautiful scenery really get me pumped and in my yo zone

Sounds good. Is that usually your backyard, or a public place like the park?

Sun? Light? Scenery? What are these words…?

Bah humbug.