Favorite places to jojo?


Hey guys, I just started working two soul-sucking minimum wage jobs and I’ve been saving up my pennies for a new bike since I need one to get to these soul-sucking jobs. I’ll be purchasing said bike this weekend most likely.

But a new bike also means that I get to explore this new town that I’m living in and know so little about. I’m hoping to go exploring and find a bit of rural america in my urban town and find cool backdrops to jojo to (once I get better, of course.) But minus the backdrops, I’m just looking for some place that’s quiet, people-less, and has lots of room to throw my jojo around. My favorite pass-time is putting on my headphones and throwing for hours, and I love exploring parks and ish as well…so why not combine the two?

So I was wondering: Do you have a favorite spot that you enjoying going to and throwing? Is it just your bedroom or living room? And why do you love it so much? Tell me!

(DOGS) #2

Outside. Preferably in the woods.


I like to throw outside, sometimes the humidity can be an issue, though.

(Troy(oyo) #4

I mostly throw in my dorm room, or in the lounge or study.

But outside, in the woods is nice same with parks.


My room with the speakers up.

The beach and on my porch when it’s raining


Inside. Too cold outside right now and I gotta keep an eye on the kids.


Wherever I’m in a place that I have no risk of hitting someone on accident


While waiting in line, walking from place too place, or in elevators stuff like that. Any place where I am waiting.
I don’t really go out and just throw yoyos much at all, almost not at all in fact. When I do it is normally at the juggling group and that is in a elementary school gym.


In the hallways after school :wink:


I don’t like or even know what jojoing is but I like yo-yoing in Summer, outside on my front yard.In Winter I like yo-yoing in the basement


I yoyo not jojo


He must read Caribou Blog a lot ???


? they say spin tops


Try to stay away from sidewalk. The dings on concrete are a lot uglier than on carpet or wood.


It’s so sad when I ding my yo-yo on anything :-[ but like skateboarding, it shows that you play alot, and that’s what makes you a true yo-yoer;D


damn i miss skateboarding … when you skate … having marks means … you can board slide/ tail slide/nose slide… and marks on trucks means you can 50-50 5-0 grind etc… so it meant you were really good

… I personally don’t like dings and dents on my throws … but its different for everyone but i don’t think having lots of dings makes you good, it could also mean you are learning … or your string is too long :slight_smile:

but as far as places to throw … i like to throw in front of my iMac … watch videos and learn … but when i am outside… anywhere…


I just like to throw wherever there’s room. I honestly don’t like yoyoing outside much cause I live in Washington state and the weather is exactly what you think it is this time of year. And there’s wind which really sucks when you’re trying to do slack and/or whip tricks.


I have a thing about the subway, maybe it’s the movement but I love throwing in the subway.
besides that wherever there’s room except for the mall


Bike as in Bicycle? cuz some Fixie bikes are too raw, i’d really want one if i lived in a downtown narea where bicycles are the bomb!

as for favourite places to yoyo, definitely while I’m waiting for a bus or subway.


I like to go in the basement and blare some skrillex.