How do you like to practice?

So, how do you like to practice?

Personally, I like an open area with Biggie Smalls playing on a loop (Hypnotize, mo money mo problems)
with 5a.

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I generally. throw.

Thats it. Anywhere, any noise. I just throw.


out in the front yard usin my ipod nano 2nd gen and with my northstar 5a

I try to change what yoyos I use, swap styles for a bit, or learn a new trick often or else I get kind of board. Exactly the same reason I like to have a variety of yoyos, so I feel like I’m not doing the same thing over again whenever I practice. I’ll throw anywhere though… but maybe with a plastic for 5a over concrete.

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i like to throw in an open area with some kind of background noise. doesnt matter what the background noise is but generally its a tv.

Just anywhere like Q said. I just pick up whatever I feel like throwing, put my glove on and practice some new tricks and smoothen out others I’m working on at the moment.

I practice in front of my friends on uStream and then make fun of them in funny voices when I get bored.

Generally standing up.

Pretty much this right here.

Right in between the fish tank and the 65 inch lcd. What could happen?

I practice 5a next to my carnivorous plant terrarium. Right next to my window, besides my TV. Nothing broken yet. ;D

if its 5a i like to go outside, for 1a outside/inside it doesn’t really matter. One things for sure i need my headphones on :slight_smile:

I love throwing outside except now when its like 10 degrees outside. :stuck_out_tongue: I usually just throw, but every once and a while play some music, usually like rave/electronic songs.


i don’t practice…i yo yo.



Headphones in, electric feel, or daylight by Matt and Kim playing an I’m set.

I prefer throwing to beats if I have the choice.I try to emulate the music with my style, like a dancer I guess.

I really dont have a specific preference. I practice mainly when i feel inspired after watching videos, taking a break every once in a while as well.

I get up and yoyo spontaneously. No preference, really.

If I had a choice(Which I don’t), I would prefer a nice open space (preferably one that takes 1 minute to get from one side to another) that is quiet and peaceful. Also, I prefer nice solid concrete ground, as playing on grass makes me feel off-balance.

Also, Beef Jerky+Coke is pretty awesome during practice.