Where do you practice?

Where do you practice the most?
Do you like to practice alone?

I practice in my room. Usually alone. I feel comfy when no one is watching me fail.

I practice in my living room while watching tv.

In my family room, my parents and sister don’t notice me yoyoing so they don’t notice when I fail :stuck_out_tongue:

Anywhere, anytime. As long as I have some time to kill and a yoyo close nearby, I’m practicing.

was gonna say the exact same.


Mostly near my desk don’t can watch tutorials. Otherwise, pretty much anywhere where it’s not obnoxious.

Generally 6-10 inches behind my yoyo.

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Has anyone else practiced with glow in the dark yoyo’s/yoyo string under blacklight in the middle of the night?

If not, you should try it.

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I always have a yoyo or two on me. I throw everywhere. At work (I work at a school), at the grocery store, in line/outside at Starbucks. If I went to church, I might throw there!

I just ordered a sampler pack from Twisted Stringz, and can’t wait to try the Luminous X!

Pretty much anywhere in my house(mostly living room), yard, or at yoyo club. But I also throw at friends and relatives houses.

I don’t “practice”, I yoyo. And I do so wherever I have a yoyo and some.free time.

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I generally throw at train stations waiting for trains but I carry a yoyo with me constantly and throw anytime I am stood still for more than 30 seconds…

Yes, it looks awesome! Although, it can be a downer when you can’t see the yo yo and it tilts super bad and dies. But even so it is mesmorizing and looks awesome. I might buy a black light just to do that actually…

May I suggest glow mods…? I’ve used them and they’re pretty great. If you wanna buy some…check my bst I have like 8 of them. So 4 sets.


Family room if the kids haven’t completely trashed it.

Living room, but space is limited due to poor layout of floor plan and how it accommodates the furniture.

Sometimes my bedroom.

Out front.

At the park.

At YoLex meets.


anywhere actually, and i love throwing with my friends from class, lots of fun too, we actually make a whole day of it

I’ve just come to the point where I don’t take the time to make up tricks, so I don’t really practice all that much, I just throw.