Where do you practice Offstring yoyo?

I live in Hong Kong where the weather is hot and wet as hell, you get all sweaty, and the floor outdoor is mostly concrete, it hurts my yoyo and my heart too if I drop it on the floor :’(

Right now I have to book some kind of Dance Room and put some Judo mats (which are really heavy) then practice. Obviously I have to pay too so I can’t play that often, right now once a week.

I have seen a lot of Japanese players practice in Judo Kan, but how about US or other country players? Where do you guys practice?

I usually play in my living room over carpet, mostly using a Go Big or Fiesta XX. Unfortunately the low ceiling prohibits big tosses. I don’t worry about the Go Big getting damaged or damaging anything because of the rubber rims. Ideally I play in my front yard over grass when the wind is low, temperature is comfortable, and no mosquitoes.

You might try a Go Big, Hayabusa (never played one), or another soft-rimmed yo-yo to expand your options for playing areas. Then you won’t have to worry about damaging the yo-yo. Or use anything cheap/durable to use as a beater, sanding the dings occasionally.

I have a bonus room in my house where I can destroy anything up there, so that is one place. The most common, however, is outdoors where I have lots of space.

Either in my living room over carpet (but very limited space, so it’s hard to practice), or more commonly I go to a park near my house and practice on the grass, so if I drop it it doesn’t matter.

I practice right outside my house on the grass. Sometimes inside the house. But mostly outside over the grass.

Over my family’s fire pit.

Any grass field you can come to near your place? If it’s too hot you can do it in the afternoon.

I play anywhere in my house as in the backyard on grass for the most part. I use a YYF Flight and have taken it out on cement. It’s been a little banged up, but it’s tough and keeps going.

If you want the yoyo to stay pretty stick with grass and carpet. :grinning:

In front of the china cabinet.

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I’ve done it in other countries as well, but mostly here in the U.S.

my mom HATES the sound of it dropping.

so anywhere she cant hear it drop. Mainly the basement…shivers

(side note, if she didn’t mind the noise, i would have been doing 4a competitively for ages now lol)

I definitely prefer doing it over grass, and having something behind me (like a fence or wall). There’s nothing worse than chasing a yoyo.

Since I don’t really have a lawn, I will do my GoBig over concrete. It takes its beatings rather well. My Flight however will only be played on grass.

So far, I only have the courage to do it in a field.

I’m not worried about the yoyo, just the noise and also damage to people and things near to me if I try to practice in the house.

Outside, over concrete. I live in a desert, and the nearest public grass is a 10 minute drive away, so that ain’t happening; and indoors, I’ve got way too much expensive crap laying around to worry about a $40 toy.

I just consider OS yoyos to be perishable items. They are relatively cheap, so when you find one you like, buy a couple of spares.