Where Do You Yo-yo?

I’m a novice at yo-yoing, so I’d like to know where some of you more experienced yo-yoers practice. Do you practice outside, in your basement, living room, etc.?

The cool thing about yoyoing is that you can practice wherever you like. Currently, my favorite place to throw is on the roof of the engineering building at my school. I also throw at my apartment or wherever I feel like sometimes. Overall, I find environmental factors such as lighting and wind to be important as well.

USUALLY in my living room above carpet. carpet saves u ALOT of dings. i mean ALOT. if i were you i might buy a small carpet or a rug just to yoyo on top of. i also yoyo in front of the tv while im not “intensly training”. if i were you, i would use a different yoyo for being outside than the one you use at home. plastics are usually better for on the go.

Do any of you take precautions when yo-yoing in your house (just incase the string breaks)?


i always prefer to play yo-yo outside.
something about seeing shoot the moon under the clouds (or… the moon, actually) is just so much more satisfying. but really, i work on yo-yoing in all the same places where i work on breathing.

not really. but I also replace my string when it looks like it’s getting old.
If I’m gonna be outside with a metal though, it’s usually a good idea to have a newer string.

I throw anywhere I Can.

I Make time each day at home, in the lounge room or the spare room.
This is my Metal Time, over carpet.

I also throw at work, on break.
This is over bitumen so Plastic only.

I had a half hour throw time yesterday due to unexpected motor vehicle trouble.

Keep a throw with you and use it whenever you can.

I have only ever once broken a string during play, that was looping, and years ago.


This ^

Anywhere with oxygene :stuck_out_tongue:

In my room. It’s really my only place to yoyo, considering I live in NYC. I love yoyoing outside, but I hardly ever get to.

My room and outside. I have never had a string break on me while outside…or inside. I use chaos string, very strong.

I usually have a yoyo on hand to throw anywhere, mostlikely my Popstar…I throw on my breaks at work, throw at home, sometimes out at the store when I’m waiting, you get the idea. That’s part of the joys of yoyoing - portability! Just watch your surroundings (not to hit anyone or anything) and start throwing!

I carry my Protostar with me everywhere in case I get a chance to kill some time. And I love to yoyo outside. If you’re throwing outside, you can blame it on the wind if you keep screwing up a trick.

I Yoyo in my room a lot and in my garage. In both places I bought small what rugs to throw over. It was definetely worth it.

A place thats both more awesome than anywhere you’re throwing, and none of your business.

Everywhere I can

Metal over cement is fine too.

In the shower while drinking my hot kool-aid