How do you learn an offstring throw without wrecking your house??

Any advice for beginners trying to learn the offstring throw who would rather not put a hole in a wall or window or ceiling?

The obvious suggestion would be “learn it outside”, but I don’t feel like throwing into a mud puddle, wrecking my bearing or running down the street after my yo.

Any thoughts??

I learned outside, and the yo-yo usually won’t roll THAT far…That wasn’t very good advice.

Really what you should do is just keep practicing getting a strong but low throw inside, and put some pillows behind you. (Or in front if you’re doing a Braintwister Mount)

Also, what yo-yo do you use? If it’s an Aquarius I wouldn’t worry, it won’t do any damage to ceilings or walls, but if it’s a Hayabusa, that’s another story…

Care to explain?

I reccomend learning it outside, stay in an area where there isn’t the mud puddles, preferably grass.

Yeah, I learned it outside on the grass.

I learned on my trampoline. :wink:

I learned in my bedroom… I Hung blankets over my windows and dismantled and hid my PC and aimed twards my open closet… Then I started hitting my low ceilings and moved outside into the grass…

Because the Aqua has rubber rims. The Hayabusa doesn’t.

Yeah, the Big Yo would be in the middle of the 2. It has plastic rims but they’re not as thick plastic as the Hayabusa, therefore would not make as much damage.

Yes it does.

Only the SL version.

The original Hayabusa has hard rubber rims but the soft landing version has soft rubber rims.

Isn’t the Aquarious hard rubber anyways?

I also learned how to throw outside. Then when I got a pretty decent throw down, I started throwing inside more.

I learnt offstring indoors. My yoyo did not really destroy anything as my my walls and ceiling are made of concrete and and the things around me were only furniture like sofas, tables, etc.

lol i learnt in the garage

I can throw and catch it. I learned that outside, never tried it inside. You can do it inside, but you can only blame yourself if you crack the TV or break a window. Do it on a soft lawn. You could also try isolating your windows and walls and put matresses all over the place, but that would make a mess. Just do it in a place where your yoyo and your surroundings are safe.

i learned it inside. result: my dad was hit in the head with a killer aquaris! :smiley:

(i reccomend learning outside)

Outside on the grass


It’s easy, since i play 4A before…
just throw smooth, relax and then have fun.(throw it not so high and not so strong, because you are starting learning it right?)

Be like John Narum and but Plexiglass screens over everthing :D.

I learned outside, yes my Hayabusa looks worse than my face but still plays AMAZING.

If you don’t want a bounce, try a BigYo, they are plastic so don’t bounce as much as rubber.