Starting offstring...

(LordCanti) #1

Okay, so I’ve decided to try offstring but I have NO IDEA where to start… :-\

Any tips on a good yoyo to start on? I’ve heard that plastic ones crack if you drop them too much, but metal ones hurt your head more.

I kinda want a made in USA yoyo but can survive without it.

For 1A I prefer a “V” shape (like the Benchmark V, Rally, Northstar, etc…) but I don’t know if 1A preferences transfer over to 4A.


Go Big

Rubber rims make for less damage and longer life while still being a competition level 4A yoyo

If you want something that makes catches easy go for the Big Yo but expect to crack it eventually


You could buy a YYJ yoyo but the only problem with them is that they have Solid Spin Axle Systems. Whenever you drop it and it’s not level (like drop it diagonally) the axle system gets looser and looser. This causes the yoyo to snag and the only remedy is to grab a hammer and push the system back in till it’s flush with the plastic. This can happen again and again if you’re dropping the yoyo during stuff that you might want to learn later on like thumb grinds and spiderman. Keep in mind this will only happen IF you drop it like that over and over again.

If you’re still with YYJ then get a Fiesta XX ($21.25) or Go Big($29.70). If not YYJ then you can get a Zeekio Saturn V ($40), Yoyofficer Gravity($50) (delrin is very durable), the Duncan Hayabusa with Offstring MOD Spacers ($26.50 total), or wait for the release of the Duncan SkyHawk(unconfirmed but will definitely be in the $35-$45 range).

YYJ Fiesta XX -
YYJ Go Big -
Zeekio Saturn V -
Yoyofficer Gravity -
Duncan Hayabusa w/ Offstring MOD Spacers -
Duncan SkyHawk -


the yoyorecreation aeronaut has that V shape but it’s not for beginners.

(LordCanti) #5

Forgot to ask… where’s the best place to practice since I know I’m gonna miss 4/5 binds(and even more throws) and the yoyo will run away from me. Obviously I shouldn’t learn in a fine china shop or on the wing of an airplane, but where’s the best damage minimizing location? gym? garage? outside?


Do you mean damage to the yoyo or your surroundings? Assuming you mean the yoyo, if long as you are over a smooth surface like in a gym you’re less likely to get tons of scratches. If you play indoors over carpet, landings will be softened and you’ll be less likely to crack the plastic vs playing over concrete.
I suggest you play outside so you don’t break any vases or stuff inside your house until you get better. You can play over grass to minimize yoyo damage too.

(LordCanti) #7

Yeah, I don’t really care(as much) if the yoyo breaks. I just don’t want to ruin anything in my house that would be the end of yoyoing for me. :’(

I think I’ll practice outside for a while until I am perfect at the tricks.

Any recommendations on string? Can I use the same stuff as I use for 1A? and do I not cut the string? (I can’t really tell if people cut the strings in videos but I would think they would.) I would think maintenance is the same as 1A…


You can use the length and string you use for 1A. Just learn and experiment with that first. If you want boingy boing sequences a bit easier and a faster style, maybe shorten the struck or practice to get faster. If the yoyo isn’t binding tight enough for stuff like regens use longer string. Experiment. Just use 1A length then determine from there.


keep the string long! do it I broke my yoyo trying to catch it in an open bind and missed because it was too short. also use any string I use toxic string markmont dragon. maintain the bearing so it will spin long for technical combos if you use flowable silicone it will wear out quickly and you have to replace it a lot so you should probably use pads responsive enough to bind and do regens. just dropped a bomb of offstring knowledge.