What should my first offstring yoyo be?

I want to start doing some offstring play, but I don’t know what throw to get. I want something for beginners, but also something that will allow me to grow a fair bit before needing to be upgraded. What do you guys suggest?

I’ve got a YoYoJam Equinox that I’ve been learning with. It’s pretty nifty.

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Take the string off your crappiest yoyo and play it like it was an offspring one LOL

As its your first off string yoyo you should try YoYoJam Go big or YoYoJam Fiesta xx you should decide by which player do you like cause both are signature yoyos and both are equally good. Another aspect you should see is price. And as skinny bny said equionix is also good. You can also get a Duncan Skyhawk. These 4 yoyos will serve you to get through the basics and then you can also use them for advance play. These are yoyos what come to mind at the time. Oh that rhymed.

Guy’s sorry to be hating on yoyojam but I cant recommend any of there offstring yoyo’s

Rant Starting now…

Yoyojam uses a terrible axle system in there offstring yoyo’s which causes the bearing seats to sink down into the have of the yoyo wich causes the gap oif the yoyo to shrink making the yoyo so responsive you cant even land it on the string without it snagging this is not fixable trust me I’ve tried.

I tried hot glue tap super glue I even tried heating the plastic in order to melt the spacer in place. Nothing worked So I spent $55 on a YYJ Equinox and it was broken in under a month. I haven’t really done offstring since.

My freind hat this happen with his go big as well another person I know had it happen with his Rextreme.

I even talked to John Narum about it (Back when he was on YYJ) and he pretty much said yea that happens it kinda sucks but there’s nothing we can do about it.

I don’t know if this is true for the fiesta or not. So that might be safe to get…

Rant over…

Sorry about that guy’s I don’t like getting mad on the forums I try and be a nice helpful person but I just had to say that it made me feel better.

So you can get whatever offstring yoyo you want if you want to risk it with yoyojam go ahead but I would reccomend some other brand.

The zeekio appolo looks nice

the duncan skyhawk can take you from noob to pro and still be there for innovation its a beast offstring yoyo.

My first off string yoyo was a beat up dark magic two, and that trained me to be a little more accurate. But up to you in the end man!

Nice information Erik but one question that the axle system only breaks when dropped or even with normal play it can be bad. And now for Nicolas flammen as Erik said for YYJ you could try Duncan Skyhawk or if your budget allows you try zeekio or Japan Technology ashiru kamui light. You can choose from jet set fc also it all depends on your budget.

Just remember every offstring yoyo is a perishable good

I’m not sure what your asking the wordings not the best

From what I’ve seen whenever the offstring yoyo bounces off the floor while spinning that slightly over tightens the yoyo each time which cranks on the spacers which causes them to sink into the half of the yoyo.

With the temp everyday, I haven’t been playing my offstring really, only got a couple short sessions in while the weather was good, I’ll have to keep an eye on this. Thanks for the info Erik!

No problem! Again sorry I got kinda mad about it

The same thing happened to my rextreme with the axle. I had work with it to get the bearing out and the axle to get popped out on each side. Once they were out I had to use epoxy and it worked but was still kinda of weird.

*kinda hard to explain, but I would also not recommend the rextreme (unless the newer version has an updated hub version)

Ok you have understanded my question right. The point now is that you should buy YYJ when you have learned basic throws. Because Erik says that their axle system gets tight when dropped is that right Erik?

Yes! But I had a frieind that had this happen on his inspire and the inspire is not an offstring yoyo so yoyojams axle system can crap out with out being dropped.

But in my personal experience dropping it is what causes the problem which is really sad because sometimes I like to drop my offstring yoyo on purpose so I can do those bounce off the floor whips and stuff.

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another thing i have an issue with yoyojam is their bearings aren’t always the best. on my yoyojam big yo i found that my bearing was rusted out and wasn’t even cut straight. over all the duncan skyhawk is a good throw and can take a beating, the deneb is also good.

That was honestly the most polite rant I’ve ever seen. I wouldn’t sweat it, it was very informative and non-offensive.

Ok cool. Glad no one was botherd by that.

I have a zeekio Apollo 2 which is really nice.

Thanks for the great feedback everyone!