do yyf offstring really break that easy?

I want 2 try offstring play looking 4 suggestions on witch offstring 2 buy ,ive heard the yyf offstring breaks easly is that true? witch ones have softer rims,i would apprichite any suggestions.

My Fav OS YoYos are:
Big Yo
Pocket Change W/ Off String Rims
The Shinwoo OS YoYo(I can’t think of the Name ATM)
Hyabusa And the SL Version
Big Yo is the Best Beginner One IMO.

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Please don’t substitute numbers for “to” and “for” its kind of distracting.

In my experience with the YYF offstring, it breaks into pieces when I drop it but there has been a few times where everything stayed together. I guess it just depends on how tight the pieces are screwed on together.

But like what theyoster109 said, the BigYo is a great choice for a beginner. Its easy for whips and catches.

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griffen wing

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my personal fave is the hayabusa but to answer your other question, yes yyf offstrings aren’t that hared to break but are also easilly fixable. i say you go with big yo or hayabusa

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PocketChange with Offstring wings is the shiznat… I’ve had some crazy drops and its still going strong… You have to besure to check the caps because sometimes they come loose and it falls apart… And every one at silent getaway gasps because they think your giant yoyo died and you, knowing very little sign language has to try an explain in sign with a strin hanging off your finger that its fine and its just part of the disign…

Wait… What?

true story btw…

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I just found out that yyj is comeing out with a new offstring comeingout 4/17/10 is this true?

Yep. Two acutally. The Fiesta and the Equinox.

Where did you find this info on the YYJs?

do not get an offstring(YYF) first time it hit the ground it broke, get a hayabusa they are pretty fun

There was a thread about it a whille back.

Where u playing over a hard surface or something softer like grass or carpet

carpet that doesn’t have foam padding

ps. if you have a pocket change already the offstring is good when using pocket change parts

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I do have a pocket change so i guess ill try the offstring, thanks.

if you are going to use a pocket change with offstring wings you might want to put a little knot at the end of your string to make it bind better

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That’s actually not nesscesary. Just keep some light thin lube in the bearing and it should be fine.

but it cheaper than buying lube if he doesn’t have any

True, but a knot can cause some snagging.

Yeah, it does! It stinks… A lot!I have one and the sides that are suppose to be rubber aren’t really rubber! Don’t buy it trust me!

They are rubber! I thought they were going to be plastic from pictures, but they are a very heavy, firm, and durable rubber