Offstring YoYo's?

I got the Offstring a while ago and never left too much feedback but I can tell you, do NOT buy the offstring for an offstring YoYo. It is the worst Offstring YoYo EVER! If you miss your throw it will hit the ground and splatter to pieces. Don’t ever buy that YoYo! So because of that I will probably be buying a new offstring YoYo. So I need your opinions to help me! Please vote on the poll for me! :slight_smile:

Put the big ben up there, Its my personal favorite :slight_smile:

hayabusa works really well, yoyofactory offstring sucks it broke first time it hit the ground, forever

I was going to make the same post now i dont have to. This will be my first offstring and was considering yyf offstring not anymore,dose anybody no if the big yo2 is soft

Why is every body hating on the offstring!! I haven’t had any problems with mine, and now that I put the wings on my pocketchange its AMAZING

No, it’s hard plastic, but flexable enough that it won’t break on impacts.

Yes.  ;D

Yes.  ;D

Let’s not forget some other great 4a throws.
Duncan Flying Panda.
Played with 5, never broken one. And I am ROUGH on my 4a yoyos. Can’t say enough good things about this yoyo.

Duncan Throwmonkey.
This is such an underrated 4a yoyo. So smooth and great spin times for tech.

Zeekio Bird and Shinwoo Griffin Wing.
Both great Aquarius subsitutes, but the GW does have a breaking problem.

YoYoFactory Pocket Change with Offstring(or Flymaster)rims.
My personal favorite. The plastic in the hub system is so much stronger than that of the OS. I’ve smashed this on cement multiple times with no problems.

YoYoJam Big Ben and BigYo2.
Love them both. The Big Ben is however, unflexible, unlike the BigYo2, so be carful when useing this outside.

Japan Technologies Kamui Offstring YoYo.
Great, is you don’t mind beating the heck out of a $100+ yoyo.

Last option, wait for the two new YoYoJam 4a yoyos, the Fiesta by Bryan Figueroa, and the Equinox by John Narum.
See the Fiesta in action right here!

If you have anymore Offstring questions, feel free to shoot me a PM.


If you can find an aquarius on the BST’s. GO FOR IT. I know Bergy Had a cuple he was selling

dude you have got to try the fiesta by yyj!

hayabusa HL FTW!!!

you should get the hayabusa get the regular version cause they say the hayabusa sl just grips the ground and rolls away the hayabusa has better rebound bounce than the bigyo in my opinion, but it will give you enoughe to either grab the yoyo, or give you a second chance at whip catch