I love offstring and do it for fun all the time. But i was wondering what yoyos you guys use and how you think of them (expecialy BigYo, Flying Panda, and Big Ben) . I use the aqaurius and I love it, but the gap is a little too small for me, sometimes after i bind it gets too tight so i have to loosen it a lot. And if you know any cool 4 a trick please share! :o

I use the aquarous. I persinaly do not like it. Gap is too small, when i threw it, it shoots down and smacks my knuckles. I losen it it works fine but then it grips and and fly’s up again.

I haven’t had any other experience with a diffrent offstring yo-yo but if you want a yo-yo that doesn’t do that, i woulde recomend getting it.


If you know the basics of 4a already, I suggest the Hyubasa. It is supposed to be a great 4a yoyo:

Also, to learn offstring: has great tricks, they just don’t explain them, so you will need to pay close attention.

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