best off string yoyo

I have recently become interested in off string yoyo play. I was wondering what was the best yoyo for this. Tell me what you think!

Well it’s all about preference, But in my preference, I like the Aquarius. Have you considered using a DM for offstring?

BigYo or BigYo2. Not as big as you think…

I love the Hayubasa. So smooth, and nice size.

Right now I am using my legacy. I dont want to dent or nick my DM if I miss the string doing a whip or something…
For a while I used my PGM, just pulling the hubs and thorwing it on the string.
Here is my off string vid. I was pulling the hubstacks to start the yoyo:

Pyro and envy.

There really is no bet but I use a Spinfaktor HG usually. It works well.

aren’t those discontinued?

Yup =) You can still get them from the BST’s sometimes but I did manage to get mine a few years ago when they were still being produced.

the mighty Flea! :smiley:

I really like bigyos.

They do 4A smoother than all the other 4A yoyos I have used.

The plastic it is made of makes it very durable, but also lets it bounce very well for bounce tricks or misses.

Other 4A yoyos fly off when they hit the floor.
But bigyos bounce in the same place it falls about 3 times making it easy to scoop up and catch.

Nice and large for a beginner, less misses.
Great for advanced players cause they can try their big tricks on them.

Regens really well, fun yoyo to throw, people watching love the yoyo.

And the world 4A champ used one!

Its all preference of course.
Just stating mine!


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Just select a yoyo based on what shape you had liked for 1A in the past.
Sharp shape
If you are a beginner…
If you are a better player…


Actually, Hayabusa is rounded. Offstring should be in the sharp shape thing too.

Big ben is my personal favorite and you don’t look like a total noob at 4a so I would recommend the Big Ben.

The hayabusa is really good. Really smooth and you can change the gap size the way you like.

Haha nice for 1 day!

Get another 70 or so of those down and you can beat John Narum!

Haya is my favorite.

John is 2nd.

He has 106 whips, the record is 146…

I can do 27… Yay me! (With Hayabusa)