Off-String for Beginners....

What is the best off string yoyo for beginners? ???

Aqua, bigyo or Offstring.

Note, Bigyo is the biggest, Aqua is smallest and Offstring is the middle.

Offstring and Aqua has rubber rims to not destroy your house.

Bigyo is big, and easy to catch and whip.

Offstring has less grabby rubber than Aqua i believe, so it won’t just fly away once it bounces.

Bigyo can bounce real good.

Aqua snags alot. Beefcaking solves this.

No, offstring has more grabby rubber than Aquarius
And, Aquarius is not snaggy when the gap is adjusted, in fact, sometimes, the binds even slip ???

You could try the ZanNavi from Shinwoo. It’s cheap and it has hard rubber rims which will bounce and protect the yoyo. It is on the smaller side though.

Okay :stuck_out_tongue:

But still, Offstring snags less than Aqua, and its bigger. Thats why I like it more.

Try to get ahold of a Spinfaktor HG or maybe a K-os and use that. I started from scratch with that and I’m pretty good with it. Once you start to be able to catch it then when you can get an Aquarius or BigYo or Offstring or whatever else then you can catch it really easily.

man I really need to know, why do people use Spinfaktor HG’s for Offstring?

Ha not sure. It is sad to see them when they get damaged but it might be because they indeed are so durable with the carbon fiber rims.

I will reccommend the YoYoJam Aquarius. It is very good in size, not too big, nor too small. Spins long, has solid binds, and is agile for both beginners to expert.

The YoYoJam BigYo, or as it is the BigYo 2, (BigYos are out of production) is large, but not hard to land. Its response is rubber double o-ring, and can be responsive at time you need it. A little hard to hold, but worth play.

The YoYoFactory Offstring, bottom line - don’t get it. It has synthetic rubber, and some online stores say its plastic. It looks plastic, almost feels plastic, but trust me, if you take it while its spinning, throw it at a wall, the rubber will scratch off. Horrible Offstring yo-yo.

Duncan Hayabusa SL would be a runner-up to the Aquarius for me. The original Hayabusa is a tiny bit hard, but kind of enough to crack. The SL is soft-landing, so it is - you guessed it! Soft landing! Good size, similar to the Aquarius, and well-worth buyting for quality and play.

YoYoJam Aquarius
Duncan Hayabusa SL
YoYoJam BigYo 2
Duncan Hayabusa
YoYoFactory Offstring

There are many more, but I like to stay with well-known brands. Most are out of production too. :slight_smile:

I feel that i have to argue with you Spencer, How could you insult the Offstring like that?

You can’t blame it for having rims that get damaged easily. Just because paint and dirt gets stuck into it easily, the wings don’t get bent easily. Even if it starts to get black rims, it doesn’t affect play. And the hubs that hold the wings together doesn’t weaken easily, I’ve had it for 3 months or something hitting the floor constantly, and its not weakened.

VS. The Aquarius, I say that this wins.

Aquarius snags a LOT compared to the offstring. The Aqua is smaller than the offstring.

So, besides the fact that its surface gets superficial marks easily, why is it a horrible offstring yoyo?

(If) I’m insulting a yo-yo, not a person. Yo-yos don’t live… :stuck_out_tongue:

I never actually said that dirt/sand or any other compound gets sucked into it, its that the rims get damaged so easily, its insane. You’re hitting the floor, probably not a surface like a tree, or metal, or tile, or grout, pavement, etc.

I wasn’t talking about thr hubs that hold it, just the synthetic rubber that gets damaged. On behalf, my statements somewhat came from YoYoNation with those, too. There are many downfalls about that topic, why or why not, but YoYoNation members do agree.

Just the rims.

The part about the hubs was extra, put it into the wrong place. Just had to say that so that Solmo wouldn’t be worried about it.

Anyway, the rims do get marks and stuff which you can call damage, but it definitely doesn’t affect play. My rims are slightly flattened and white, but there is no trace of vibe. As long as you’re not playing on Concrete or Sand paper, you should be fine.

But still, the rims don’t exactly play a part much.

The Xodus 2 is nice.

i was just going to list the Xodus II by Yomega then he said it.

Thanks guys-is the Big Ben any good for off string?

Preference. Yes, it is. It’s double o-ring is classic.

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There are a lot of great begginer offstring yoyos. If we try to put one on the top because its what we prefer, there will be an argument/debate. I much prefer the Hayabusa over any other offstring yoyo, but many people disaggree. It is all preference, there is no best. If you are starting, there are lots of options when it comes to offstring. Do a raffle or something. Pick the yoyos that look good to you, write their names on multiple pieces of paper, put them in a cup, and pick one. Here are some choices of good offstring yoyos:

Duncan Flying Panda
Duncan Hayabusa SL (Has softer rims than the regular Hayabusa)
Duncan Hayabusa (Has hardere rims than the SL version)
Duncan Throw Monkey
Shinwoo Griffin Wing
Shinwoo ZanNavi
Yomega Xodus 2
YoYoFactory F.A.S.T. Offstrring
YoYoJam Aquarius
YoYoJam Big Ben
YoYoJam BigYo2

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Aquarius is the best for beginners, Big yo is a bit harder, and Hayabusa is advance.

Happy Throwing! =]

Did you see the post right above yours?

There is no “best”!

I personally like the big yo 2. It is the best thing to learn with in my opinion. Later.

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