well, i started offstring about two weeks ago with my hitman, and i am on whips. OMG!! it is too undersized and i keep miss. i am finding a normal offstring yoyo. i heard offstring’s are good but i am not sure that if it have a wide gap because i saw it really thin on YYE. i doubt i can hold the bigyo,
my hand is really small.
any ideas?

My hands are small and the Big Yo is GREAT!

But I never recommend that to beginners. I feel it snags too much until you get a very strong throw.

I usually recommend the Aquarius to beginners, but, sadly, it was discontinued. It had nice rubber rims so you don’t break anything and it had nice, tight binds. RIP Aquarius.

The Aquarius and Hayabusa are VERY similar yo-yos, and it has tight binds, easy throws with not much snagging, and is a smaller size than most offstring yo-yos, but is still bigger than normal 1a/5a yo-yos.

So I recommend the Hayabusa, but then you come across another choice. The regular or the SL. SL stands for soft landing, and comes with rubbery rims instead of hard plastic. This is a choice of preference, as the regular can bounce back up if you hit the ground, but if you hit concrete it’ll “ding” it. It is also harder to learn with inside because it can break stuff more easily. The SL is rubbery rimmed, so it won’t break stuff if you must learn inside, but if it hits the ground it won’t bounce back up, it’ll go flying backwards. But, if it hits the concrete, it won’t get “dinged up” as much.

So it’s your choice, I DEFINITELY recommend the Hayabusa, but some people would recommend the Big Yo. If you do go with the Hayabusa, I personally like the regular, but some people might want the SL. If you’ve already been going with your X-Convict, and if you have a strong throw, you could actually go with the Big Yo. It’ll bounce right back up, and won’t get dinged too much.

So yeah, Hayabusa or Big Yo, it depends.

If your throw isn’t too strong, Hayabusa. If you have a nice, strong throw, and catch it almost every time, Big Yo.

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oh, you said hayabusa and bigyos are good, i know they have great response that i dont needed to bind twice. they have a tiny gap so the buinds wont slip. hMMMMMM maybe hayabusa maybe offstring.

well actually using an undersized yoyo is good when learning. it makes you practice more and make a more accurate player. i can land most tricks with my tiny velocity and now i can land it with ease on my bro’s journey and even my Speed Beetle. it’s all about pratice and preference

Offstring with a Speed Beetle. Sorry, but I’d like to see a video about this.

But yes. If you learn to do 4a with like a regular 1a yoyo, it’ll be sooo much easier when you get an actual 4a yoyo.

I’ll recommend Aquarius, But It’s Discontinued as well. Just go to Hayabusa Or Big yo 2,

But tell me, How do you play?, Like Rei Iwakura? Techy? Or Like John Narum and Lim Aik Hwee: Flashy?

My tip in toss and catch, (Because this is the always problem.)

Ready your Non-throw hand, Not when you throw, That’s the only time that you will release your Non-throw hand.

And Do not move your hands when you catch, Don’t totally exaggerate it, Sight and target it with your eyes. Keep your hands in the same position.

Just ask questions/clarifications In my post. :wink:

I just play like a big sucKer and cant hit whip everytime, so i quess i would buy the busa

And in whipping, Eyesight and whip the Right Side gap of the Yo-yo (You’re right handed right? :D), If you You whip the other Side (Left), The string will be twisted.

whoops forgot we were talking about 4A i can do 1A with my speed bettle

What about a griffen?