what yo-yo should i get for offstring?

ive been working on offstring with my lunatic and decided i was o.k. so i want to get a offstring yoyo. so yeah just vote…

I’d have to say aquarius, but the YYJ BigYo is a good option too. it makes catching really easy

id go with the aquarius, but the bigyo is really good.

I agree with the 2 posts above me.

i have tried the aquarius and i prefer the hayabusa sl. it works well for more tech tricks.

I would say Bigyo for a beginner, the aquarius is really good but snags more than the Bigyo. The Big Yo gets way more attention than the aquarius. ;D

I’d get one of these…

YYF Offstring
DUncan Hayabusa
YYJ Aquarius

They are all very good and you can’t go wrong with any of them. My preference is for the Offstring (with Pocket Change body), however, and Aqua might be the best choice for a beginner.

either the aqua, or the offstring, the hayabusa is nice too