Next Offstring Yo-Yo

(XDuctTape_LoverX) #1

Which is the next offstring yo-yo I should get? I have an aquarius and bigyo but I want to try something different. I like them near the size of an aquarius, to have a wide gap and good for whips, a big bearing and for moving it around in the string.



well you could try a hayabusa i hear its really good


Hayabusa and Zan-Navi are close to Aqua size. The YYF offstring is also good.

I like my Offstring the best, I have a BigYo, Offstring, Hayabusa, and I used to have an Aqua.

(Jesse) #4

I recommend the Offstring or the Hayabusa. I have never tried an offstring, but the Hayabusa plays a lot like the Aqua but I feel it has a bigger gap. I don’t really remember though.


Well if you want to get much better at catching it, go with a regular plastic yoyo, or if you can get an HG yoyo. They’re very durable and smaller so they’re harder to catch, so you’ll get better.


Or a viper!  Here Is my review, They are amazing and hard to play, But sooooooo much fun!!


a hayabusa for sure. i also hear that the pocket change will be compatible with the offstring part thingies for the yyf offstring