Offstring 4A

I would love to start 4A but I don’t want to make a wreck out of my current throws! Could someone make a few recommendations to a complete novice? Don’t ask for preferences because I don’t have any, lol! ;D I just want a big easy to catch and non-snagging yo-yo!

well, i’d just say bigyo2 available on this site. big, doesn’t snag, easy to land.

BigYo 2? I only see BigYo. ???

it says bigyo, but it’s really the bigyo2 since the bigyo’s are out of production. now, the bigyo2’s are sold out so you’ll have to get it once it restocks.

Or just use a platic yoyo you already have. It’ll work just fine. Sure it’ll be hard, but once you can do it then you’ll be that much better with a bigger one. (Same idea as a pro basketball player using tennis balls to dribble with.)

why not just use a big one now to get good then go smaller so he doesn’t destroy his small ones… and he wants big and easy to catch.

Most Size C bearings yo-yos have a much larger gap therefor making it easier to land.

I won’t suggest a BigYo for a beginner, it is quite hard to throw at the start, I’d go with a Hayabusa or a YoYo you already own.

omg, i totally forgot the hayabusa… i go with hayabusa! ;D

What’s so special about a Hayabusa?

actually hayabusa sl. nothing. just a good offstring.

Since you’re just starting out with offstring I would suggest an Aqua. Well… If you can find one. They have an adjustable gap that isn’t exactly the best but it can be as tight or as not tight as you want.

Hayabusas are good, but not exactly the best for beginners. I learned on a Hayabusa though. It’s all preference because every offstring yoyo has a different kind of throw.

aqua’s are discontinued.

But you can still find them.

Getting the biggest yoyo you can to start 4a isn’t a good idea. That’s like getting an 888 for your very very first yoyo. Just isn’t smart.

how do

how would you change a yoyo that you already have into an offstring???

diy rims. and the yyf offstring.

You don’t change it. You simply just take the string off the yoyo. But, you want to make sure that you use the yoyo with the smallest gap in your collection, or have pretty thick string. That’s to ensure that you can bind easier.

I used a K-os for 4A for a bit just for fun with PX string. It was a very very nice throw for offstring with PX.


I always suggest bigyo’s for novice 4A players.

Its large size makes it easier to catch and its plastic material makes for good bounces.

Since its plastic instead of grippier rubber, when it bounces, it will stay in one place so you can just scoop it up on the string and keep throwing.
Rubber rim yoyos bounce too but none of them as good as a bigyo.

I also like how bigyo’s dont snag like many other 4A yoyos do.
I always have snagging problems with my aquas, but my bigyo’s pretty much never get snags.

The size, durability, bouncing ability, as well as the ability to silicone it or satin it, makes it a very good choice.


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I would suggest the Aquarius for beginners, the Big Yo usually snags until you get a stronger throw I think. I think there are under 10 left being sold at Yoyonation, the last ones ever being sold, so get it quick! If not I recommend the Hayabusa.

Aqua’s are discontinued!!!

But there IS a store that DOES have a couple more in stock, that’s why nobody has cared about your comment yet.

The Bigyo is a good choice if you really want to have a yoyo that WILL NOT BREAK, but it’s all preference. I don’t like Bigyos because they’re really awkward for me. Not in the throw, but just playing it in general. YYF OS however…