Getting started with 4A

What would be the best yoyo for starting for 4A/Offstring.
An Aquarius sounds pretty good. But i would love to get all the info about getting started in 4A.


I would recommend a bigyo(2) for when you first start. Then upgrade to an Aquarius, hayabusa, yyf offstring, duncan throwmonkey, or a yomega Exodus II. My favorites are the the Aquarius and hayabusa.

Yeah a yoyojam big yo has worked great for me I can do every trick on this site with it. The Big yo is pretty durable but can get scratched up but if you want a little more flash and more durability I suggest the Aquarius. The Aquarius has a tight gap so there is no need for replacing response systems and the big yo has a double O-ring so it lasts along time. I personally think their to of the best. hope this helps. later and remember keep it spinning.

I beg to differ with the previous posts. :wink: I used a YYJ Aquarius as my first yoyo for 1a, 4a, and 5a and I can do all the advanced 1a tricks and some expert, all the offstring and more, and all the 5a. After that, I just went to a Big Ben and Dark Magic for offstring. Just giving you two options here. :slight_smile: Good luck with choosing!

DM + 4a = disaster If you were even to drop it once it could crack or break something. Especially when your first starting your best option would be an Aquarius or hayabusa because of the soft durable outer rings.

The Aquarius is a great yoyo but once you get into doing combos and long, long tricks it won’t be able to keep up. You should break in the bearing on your DM so it can play to its full ability.

i agree with Michael. iv tried to do off sting with my DM and its hard to do. You can really use any butterfly shaped yoyo for off string. But the over sized ones that don’t have any mettle are the best for it. later and remember keep it spinning.

I do agree, but I just use it over carpet to shoot videos. One of the world competitors used a DM for offstring, though it’s not the best idea.

Who used the DM for 4a? I do not remember that. I only remember seeing hayabusa’s Aquarius’ and big yo’s.

andre does 4a with his dm

He does? On the videos here, he is using an Aquarius.

On operation Dark Magic 2, he did Offstring

You are wrong, it wasnt worlds, it was nationals.

go to youtube, and look up operation dark magic 2