Offstring YoYo

I was thinking of starting to do some 4A and was wondering what yoyo to get. The most important thing is durability. I do not want this to break. After that, I want a good sleep time and something that is easy to catch. What yoyo should I get?

I suggest a BigYo to start with. Then maybe an Aquarius once you get better. But once you get good, I would suggest something like a Dark Magic with the gap tightened all the way. :wink:

I’ve been using my PGM recently, but it is really hard to bind. Thanks for the help! :slight_smile:

I hope you can get a Duncan Hayabusa, cuz I love my Hayabusa for 4A.

Happy Throwing! =]

the aquarius 100%, you wont regret getting it, it took me from my first throw to my current freetyle that im working on, although i also use a dark magic sometimes

Ok, i have an aquarius and it’s awesome exept 1 thing- If it knots, (whick is a lot with the small gap) you have to un-twist it- I woukdn’t suggest a big-yo because, well it is hard to control while you may still be a begginer. Or a flying panda… 4A FTW!


Also, Evan, did you just make a new account, or did you change your username?

Aquarius is the best in my opinion. Its cheap and designed for 4A yoyoing. Other yoyos may get hurt while starting your 4A experience, but this yoyo will keep itself (and other things that get hit) unhurt.

I would say Aquarious.

If it hits the ground it won’t matter cause of the rubber.

It’s perfect for 4a. The only problem is the small gap. Just loosen it to make it bigger.

~Steven :wink:

Also, clean the Aquarius Bearing. I did, and it is sooooo good.

sorry samad but i think thats up to him, i personally dont clean my bearings, i lube them, it depends on what kinda offstring player he wants to be

I really like Flying Panda’s, but the Hyabusa is great, and i got started on the BigYo.

I changed my name cuz i re-started 4a a while ago and i have a addiction… IT"S SO FUN!!! and i dont like your new logo… i cant tell who you are!!!

lol, yeah, i changed everything. Get used to it tho, its gonna be this way a long time :slight_smile:

I also started 4a a couple days ago.