Good 4A yoyo

I just saw a video and want to start 4A. I’m pretty advanced with 1A. I’m wondering what’s the best beginners 4A and what’s the best? I prefer yoyofactory, but it doesn’t really matter, price doesn’t matter I would rather buy one really good yoyo then multiple that I wont be happy with and want to upgrade anyways.

Are you me? I was just about to post this exact same thing. I love yyf and want to learn offstring. I prefer a expensive good one over a couple ok ones. I hear that the Aquarius is good but I haven’t tried it. I tried my friend’s fiesta and it was ok but I didn’t like it.

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Duncan Haybusa custom painted by xmikeminusx. They look awesome and play amazing.

I’ve been hearing bad things about the YYF Offstring.

The Aquarius is discontinued, so you can’t really buy it anymore… Except on BST.

BigYo and Fiesta are very good 4A yoyos, but if you have the money, why not get an Eqiunox?

I prefer the BigYo though. Very, very nice and very durable.

Yea I’m just getting back into yoyos. I haven’t played for like ten years! I bought a superstar and a dark magic 2 and dif e yos concave ceramic bearings for both. I love the superstar shape size everything it’s perfect. The dark magic is too wide. My best yoyo before a few weeks ago was a proyo bumblebee gt so that’s how long it’s been! I had never heard of offstring but I think I can do it.

Anyways I’m not very impressed with the yyf 4a choice. So I’m leaning toward the equinox, what’s the difference in that and the aquarius? Is it worth looking around for the Aquarius?

I also want a looping yoyo but I’ve already decided on the loop 900. Good choice?

I would get a fiesta

well the bigyo is easy to start out on. it lets you catch it in the giant gap really easily. but i find the spin time lacking and the binds slippy.

i would go for the equinox. long spin times and a little wider than the fiesta i think.

YYF is a great company for every style except 4A IMO. I really didn’t like their Offstring. I have heard great things about the BigYo, and it great for beginner 4A players, along with the professionals. :wink:

oh, and also a pocket change with offstring rims is pretty good.

All of the yoyos mentioned (and that will probably be mentioned) are great. None of them are bad or terrible like you guys are saying. Whether you personally like it or not is a different story. (Yes this includes the YYF Offstring.)

Considering basically all yoyos made today are great and “upgrades” from one yoyo with a bearing to another with a bearing is non-existent (minus a few exceptions), you don’t have to spend a gagillion dollars to get an absolutely fantastic yoyo. Whether you think so or not, a Kickside or Speed Maker plays as well as a Superstar or Hattrick.

Badd2bone85, as far as looping yoyos go, if it’s made for looping, it’ll be good for looping. None of them are better than any other. People might say the 900s are the best, but they’re wrong. The 900s are not the best. It’s just personal preference. I personally hate 900s, but that’s just me. You might love them.