what do you think the best offstring yoyo is

I like big bens and hayabusas

There is no best.

no best but i heard that the fiesta is great

Yup, so is the (insert yoyo made for 4a here).

I would start out with a Big-Yo because of it’s catch space and it’s just a great 4A yoyo. I think the 2 to get IMO are the Big-Yo and Fiesta. But I would start out with the Big-Yo IMO.

I LOL’d at that. :smiley:

Anyways, I use my YYJ Big Ben at the moment.

Haha and actually to add to that…

Most 1a yoyos even, especially the ones not with huge gaps, work well for 4a too. I learned on a Spinmaster 2.

Get the bigyo. I started learning 4a with it, and still am using it for 4a.
Its durable, easy to carch, and gets peoples’ attention