What to start with?

I’m starting 4a. Any ideas on which yoyo to start with?

Yes. I got a YYJ Fiesta XX and am pleased with how it plays for 4a. There are other good choices also but I can tell you this one’s good since I was in the same position as you to start learning offstring.

I’m currently using a Go Big.

I have a few off-strings, mostly YYJ ones. My favorite is the Fiesta XX.

Now, while the Big Yo is not only a good trainer and competitor, the main strength is that the vastly over-sized yoyo is an easy catcher. However, the rubber response rings tend to be too grabby for my preferences. This is resolved through better technique and/or siliconing(preferably both). The yoyo is soft and flexible, handling drops and bounces(and hitting you in the head/body/face) without much harm or injury.

The Fiesta XX these days is cheaper than the Big Yo, and I think a far better performer. Smaller, great binds, long spin, good weight distribution and rugged!! Again, another yoyo ideal for learning and competing. This is my preference.

The Go Big is another great one. It’s a bit squashy and has rubber rims. The rubber rims add more rim weight and protect the yoyo, while at the same time forcing the size to go smaller. It’s a good solid performer, but it seems to be designed to do fewer tricks on one throw, which I don’t see being an issue. It’s flashy with the mirror caps being so large compared to the diameter. The color combinations are really nice, bringing attention back to the yoyo. It does use the YYJ slim bearing, which is great for people like me who have a lot of the dual-bearing yoyos and plenty of extra slim bearings that need a potential home! At a $30 price tag, the way it’s built and construction materials do justify the added cost. Is it better than the Fiesta XX? If you find it to be, then that answer is a resounding yes.

When it comes to starting out, like with 2A, there’s really not the same diversity as with 1A/string trick throws. My advise: either the Go Big or the Fiesta XX are great choices. I prefer the Fiesta XX though.

This isn’t to say there aren’t other options. The Shinwoo Griffin Wing is cheap and you won’t care if you beat it up. It’s got an A-sized bearing and spins fast and long, and does both MORE when you clean out the bearing. The Duncan Flying Panda can be had for cheap, but I feel this is NOT a good 4A starter, it’s just a bit larger than a typical full sized throw such as the DM2. The Hayabusa, while another good performing yoyo, is as I’ve been told, a FHZ with rubber rims. I can’t say I completely agree even with having one in my possession, but it could be due to how it appears overall. The Hayabusa and Shinwoo Griffin Wing are also great competitive yoyos. But, if you’re spending Hayabusa-type dollars, spend a bit more and get the Fiesta XX.

So, again, Fiesta XX. Big, good weight distribution, easy to catch, good performance, rugged and durable, not so bad on the wallet.

For me, I bought a used Aquarius to learn 4A on. Even with a Fiesta XX in my possession, I took advantage of the rubber rims to avoid damaging the house, since I had to learn INDOORS due to poor weather. Andre recommends learning 4A outdoors since wild throws will happen and your odds of damaging something are minimized this way, and I gotta second this advice despite myself doing the exact opposite. But, regardless which way you go, just put some effort into it and you’ll be fine regardless of what you end up buying.

Thanks a lot! I’m going to get the fiesta xx.

Big yo. Durable, pretty snappy binds, and just really fun to use.