Staring out in 4A...

Anyone know of a good beginner’s 4A yo-yo?

I would say the YYJ Fiesta XX. It’s definantly an awesome beginner 4A yoyo. It’s my first (and only) 4A yoyo and I love it.

Another yoyo you might want to look at is the YYJ Big Yo. It’s about the same price as the Fiesta XX. It’s bigger so might be easier learning to throw and catch when just starting out. But, I think the Fiesta XX works great.

I have the fiesta xx just like jsell14 and it is great. I don’t have anything to compare it to, so I can’t know for sure, but I really like it. It took me a while to decide to get the fiesta xx, but after searching throughout yoyo forums, it seemed like people overall preferred the fiesta xx over the big yo (my choice had came down to those 2).

How many times has this been asked this month? A lot.

For the budget minded: Shinwoo Griffin Wing. Giant catch area, built well and is competition grade.

For the others: Fiesta XX can take you from zilch to champ.

For the modder’s: Hayabusa, with the new Duncan off-string mod spacers. AWESOME!! The extra width really rocks! However, the combined costs are higher than the Fiesta XX.

For those with “Safety” in mind, the GO Big. Rubber is nice!

I think the Big Yo is a great beginner and competition throw, but, I find stock it could use some work(clean bearing, siliconed) to perform a bit better. It’s bouncy and over-sized, so it’s also rugged and durable. It’s a bit large, but that’s OK.

Bang for the buck winner: Fiesta XX.

Well, my opinion anyways.