best 4a yoyo?

Best 4a yoyo? If you have one you dont want I would buy it, but I just want to know which ones are good.

I have a bunch of 4A yoyos. Best is a relative term.

Fiesta XX, Go Big, ReXtreme, Aquarius(x6), Free Agent, Big Yo
Jet Set(x2), Jet Set EC
Japan Tech Ashira Kamui and Ashira Kamui Light

Each has their own strengths and weaknesses.

I’d say if you’re starting out on 4A, I think the Fiesta XX and Go Big are the way to start out. They give you everything you want and need at a price that is really great. From learning to competing, you can’t go wrong with these.

Overall, I really enjoy my Jet Set yoyos the best, but I just can’t do the one-handed whip bind on them since I got home. The weight, where the weight is and how it’s there, plus the shape, I really like it.

There is no definitive best. Start with something, get some skills down and then try other stuff when you can. Find YOUR best!

Considering Bryan Figueroa took 2nd at Worlds with an under-$25 yoyo and was kicking tail and taking names on the National Scene with the same plastic yoyos, well, that says enough for me right there to say “that’s some good stuff right there”. Ben Conde is making a huge impact with that $30 Go Big.

Are you looking to sell any?

No, I’m not looking to sell any.

I love my fiesta. Duncan makes some good off string yoyos for beginners like the hayabusa or flying panda.

There is no best, but for beginners, the Fiesta XX is the way to go. It was my first offstring throw and I still use it today. It’s really durable, I’ve dropped it hundreds of times and it still plays new, despite a few nicks and scratches. It bounces well and has a nice shape. Once you get a little better you can look at the Aquarius or Rextreme, two of the best offstrings around.