A recommendation for 4A.

Start cheap, learn to catch. Then, buy a Fiesta XX. I suppose this is more of a biased, stupid, recommendation for 4a.

The Fiesta XX was the first 4A yoyo I bought. I got it about a week ago and I think it’s a pretty good starter yoyo for offstring. I’ve progressed a lot with it, plus it’s not super expensive. It’s only around $20.

Hands down the Fiesta XX. Inexpensive, durable and good enough to learn on and win championships on. Absolutely nothing stupid about it. Am I biased? Yes, because I like it a lot.

Do not let price influence your decision. This is inexpensive, but it’s a top performer and suitable for beginners. The Go Big is more expensive due to how it’s constructed, it just costs more. It’s also great for beginners and competition as well, but for starting out, I can’t really justify the extra money being spent. The Big Yo, at slightly more than the Fiesta XX(they were the same price when I got these two) is great, but needs a bit of work to make it a better player, such as being siliconed. I’m going to sillicone a bunch of yoyos this weekend so it’s on my “to do” list. The Big Yo is a great starter yoyo as well and is also competition grade.

Either of these three are great. What’s best for you is what is the big question. I think in this case, the low price of the Fiesta is a really nice “added bonus” to an already great yoyo, and I think for getting started in 4A, it’s your best bet. If you stick with it or not is a different question that you can answer later as you improve.

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