4A yoyo

I want to start playing 4A so I’m still a beginner, I want a yoyo that is durable and has a good spin time.

Protostar, FHZ

sorry I meant 4A yoyo.

Fiesta. Yup, the Fiesta. Durable to withstand high falls, long spinning for any trick you throw at it (4A tricks) and it’s at an extremely low price.

bigyo hands down best to learn with feista is when you get a little better but that is just my opinoin

Oh, did I over-look the Fiesta? Well Big Yo is great too! But just wondering, how is the Big Yo more beginner for him? Cheers. :wink:

I don’t think I can play the big yo because it is too big.

bigyo is wider and can spin great it is easyier to catch the string in the big gap especially for learning whips

Yeah, Big Yo is much bigger than Fiesta…But just look out for the Fiesta, it’s just smaller. Fiesta is really good and really durable and a LOT of people silicone recces it.

i realy like my fiesta im sure u will to