4a yoyo for a beginner

Hey everyone! I am looking for help (all readers, if you want to groan and say “nooooo not another one” then this is the time!) for a 4a yoyo.
As of now, I know like 2 4a tricks, (whip catch, leg orbit) and I want to get more into it. I am currently using a beaten northstar, but that is not so easy to use IMO. I am sorry that I cannot give any preferences, but I really have no idea what to look for.
I need a good all around 4 a yoyo at an entry level price (below like 35 dollars) that can handle pretty much any offstring a beginner might throw at it, all the way to intermediate.
Thanks a LOT guys, I know this might be a little annoying to answer, but you would really be helping me.


I have a Go Big and Fiesta XX, probably the two most popular 4A yo-yos out there.

I prefer the Go Big. It’s a little easier to bind and has rubber rims that won’t chip and won’t hurt you. It’s a little smaller, which I find easier to throw, and the catch zone is plenty big, especially if you’re whipping a Northstar. It’s good for beginners and used by professionals. Mine is not super smooth, but that may not be typical.

Fiesta XX might stay in one place more when it bounces, but other than that I like the Go Big better.

If you throw a north star as your 4A ANY of the 4A throws on YYE will do you well.

Go big is the way to go, in my opinion, I prefer it because if the go big were to hit a wall, desk or floor it wont damage the yoyo (it may damage items because it will bounce and ricochet because of the rubber.). It will also make less noise which is what I preferred as a learner, I didn’t like to have my flatmates asking “What’s that banging” every time I practiced it. The fiesta XX makes a plastic ‘tinging’ sound when it hits stuff and sounds like something just broke.

The fiesta XX will bounce on a hard surface which can be nice if you want to learn bounce whips, the uses for that are few and far between unless you really base a routine around bouncing.

Thanks guys!