Beginner 4A Yoyo

Which do you think is the best throw for starting out 4A? Go Big? Fiesta XX? Give me your opinion.

Good choices. The thing I’ve found is that with 4A, beginner/advanced is all the same thing. It just a matter of what you end up liking.

I have both. The Big Yo too. I happen to like the larger shape of the Fiesta XX over that of the Go Big. The larger catch zone works better for me. I really like YYJ 4A’s… want to get more of them as a matter of fact.

So, if I want more beginner friendly, I think the GoBig with the rubber rims is a bit nicer on furniture, floors and flying back at you. But, the Fiesta XX I just works for me better. The Celcon of the Fiesta XX is durable and can take one heck of a beating, so it’s not gonna fall and break on you. Of course, the Go Big won’t break on you either.

No, wait, you have to use rextreme, because it’s wider.

I’d say both the go big and fiesta are great choices. If your just starting out, but do know what you’re doing somewhat, i would also recommend the Big Yo, due to its size and lighter weight.