Fiesta xx vs. Go Big

I am a beginner to intermediate 4A player, and I was looking to get a new offstring yoyo. I currently have an old fiesta.
So which one in your opinion is better, or feel that I should get:
The Fiesta xx or the Go Big.


Fiesta XX

I have been recommending the Fiesta XX. It’s still my favorite.

The Go Big, I’ve been playing it a LOT recently, and it’s just different. But, a major improvement is to clean out the bearing, and I’m getting massive more spin times out of it. I think the practice is also helping as well, as my throw is getting straighter and stronger too.

You can’t go wrong with either. These are suitable for beginners, competition and everything in between. I’m still saying Fiesta XX. it’s less expensive, a bit larger so easier to catch and still an amazing player. If you’re learning indoors, then the Go Big’s rubber rims won’t leave marks.

It’s not about what’s better, it’s about preferences. I prefer the Fiesta XX.

I would recommend the Fiesta XX too. Great beginners 4A yoyo and has got me through a lot of the tricks in 4A. It’s also very durable.

It’s all preferance though. If you don’t like it you’re only out a little over $20 and may be able to get something of off the bst for it. Or even trade it for a Go Big!