How's the Fiesta XX?

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Just bought it to start 4a… Ive already learned some tricks on my friends offstring, so I figuredit was time to get my own. Snce my brother was ordering off here anyways I figured Id save on shipping if I ordered it with that. So, whats your opinion of the Fiesta and how do you think it compares to other 4a throws out there, like the BigYo or Equinox for example.


I personally hated the Big Yo. It snagged way more than any of my other yoyos. My personal favorite is the Go Big. More responsive than the Fiesta XX and slept longer than the Big Yo. I liked the Fiesta XX too. It slept long, and was easy to catch. But I’m still pretty much a beginner though, too.


I like your fiesta xx ;D

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I tried a Fiesta XX a few weeks ago. I can say this about it:

Not that stable, there are more stable throws in the market.
Fast-ish, kind good.
Bouncy off of a hard floor.
great value.

Go Big is slower, and more stable. It also doesn’t bounce as well.

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As long as its as stable as a bigyo, Im good… I hope it is at least.


I think that the best way to describe it is that YYJ did a good job of making it fit bryan figueroa’s style, and the go big fits Ben Conde’s. go big is good for the kind of regens and cool open whips that Ben does, the fiesta is better for the more technical stuffs.

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Dangit hahahaha


It’s a pretty nice offstring yo-yo.


For 4A, I actually prefer the Aquarius, but second is the Fiesta XX. After that, the Go Big.

But since the Aquarius is not made anymore(and I do scour BST for them!), Fiesta XX is what I prefer.

Big Yo needs a bearing cleaning and to be siliconed or it can be too snaggy in my opinion.

Go Big needs a cleaned bearing, but that’s no big deal. Siliconing is optional. Same with the Fiesta XX, but you can get a KK, CenterTrac, Trifecta, Crucial Grooved or something else in there if you want to since it uses a full C-sized bearing.

Honestly, there’s lots of good 4A throws out there. YYJ seems to have the market for cost-effective high-performing off-strings. As always, it comes down to preferences. I own a Go Big, Big Yo and Fiesta XX(and 4 Aquarius and a few other 4A throws). It’s all a matter of what works best for you.


Good news for studio I was browsing various yoyo stores and actualy found some NEW aquariouses. Can’t say which store though, or the mods will kill me. Actually, they might kill me for even mentioning it.


Love it. Hate that I traded mine



Saw some Aquarius’s at the NATS…


I saw 3 at that place at Nationals. If I wasn’t out of money, those would be MINE right now!


I’ve got a Fiesta XX if anyone wants it


Oh, please!


I do too!!

Look down!


Sorry, it is gone