4A YoYo Help: Fiesta XX vs. Big Yo and Asteroid Response Help

I’m new to offstring and am trying to decide between the Fiesta XX and the BigYo. I like the BigYo because it’s big (duh) and I’ve heard it’s really durable, is made of soft plastic, and bounces well. I like the Fiesta because it’s made of Celcon, has a moustache on it, and I’ve heard it’s durable as well and bounces ok. Please give me your opinions? I’ve heard the BigYo snags, will shaving the o rings help? And I’ve also heard the Fiesta XX is slightly too unresponsive and doesn’t bind easily due to the large gap. Also, is the Big Yo hard to hold if you have small hands?

Also, do you know of any good 4A tutorials for tricks? I know YoYoExpert has some, do you know of any other good places to find tutorials?

Finally, do you need to put in new response pads or a new bearing in the Adegle Asteroid? I’ve heard it’s bearing is junky and the default pads provide slippy binds.

Thank you for your time!

I have all three. The Big Yo is kinda snaggy with the rubber response rings. The Go Big is nice but not as long spinning and I have no issues with. The Fiesta is my choice. Durable, rugged, well balanced. While the Big Yo is not only good to learn with, you can compete with it too. You can silicone the Big Yo, which I haven’t done yet. I have no issue with binds in the Fiesta XX unless I don’t do it right. I don’t blame the yo, I blame myself, because unless the response is shot, it’s a me issue. I find myself not tossing enough string into the gap and causing me to miss the bind.

4A tutorials: Sorry, YYE has the best stuff. No, I’m not sorry for that. I’ve looked for many others, and even so, the YYE ones are really the best.

OK, now we want to drag the Speedmaker, Starlite, Starbrite and Asteroid back into the equation. It’s a toss-up between the Starbrite and the Asteroid, and both are amazing, but I think the Asteroid is a bit better. Don’t get the ONE, it’s too light, at least don’t get it now. Get it later when you want to challenge yourself.

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I only have the xx and I love. I don’t do it enough justice in how little I use it. I just couldn’t get into off string.

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Also, is it hard to hold the Big Yo if you have small hands? My middle finger and thumb don’t even touch when I try to stretch them around my Raider, and there are girls in my grade who are like 6 inches shorter who have the same size hands. If it is, I’ll probably get the Fiesta.

if you have not realized expertize has a full, much more in depth series of 4A tutorials on youtube by John Ando(for some reason they have not been posted on this site). Just go on youtube and search yoyoexpert

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Thanks for the heads-up. I’m gonna go search it down and then download it all this weekend!

My hands aren’t gigantic, but I can’t wrap my hand around even the smallest part of the Big Yo and can use it fine. My 5.5 year old can throw it fine too. You’ll be fine. Don’t worry about it. You’ll adapt. I still think the Fiesta XX is the better choice.

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The bearing in the Asteroid is fine. It’s pretty smooth. The response, I will admit, isn’t the best, but it still does it’s job.

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Thanks for all your help! I’m getting a Fiesta XX. I was leaning towards it originally, but that moustache is just too epic too pass by.

I’ve had my Asteroid for three months and haven’t had to change anything.

I recommend a Go Big. Very duriable

Good choice. I don’t have the Go Big but I really like the Fiesta XX. The binds can be a little slippery but it’s a good 4A yoyo. And the moustache is pretty awesome!

If you still need help with the Asteroid, the bearing and the response has been prefectly fine for me for the month that I have had it.

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