Wish 4a yoyo do you prefer

Hi i would like to buy a 4a yoyo but i dont know anything about 4a so i saw some yoyos like BigYo and Go Big (those were the ones i like more) but i dont know wish one buy i would like some orientation please wish yoyo do you recomend me and why thanks

A lot of interest in 4A.

I like the Fiesta XX. Of what I have, it’s my favorite 4A off-string yoyo.

The Big Yo is affordable, bouncy, durable and decent, but the rubber rings for a response hinder long spin times and it may seem excessively grabby for some people. I’m not sure if removing the rings and siliconing it would make it not responsive enough for binding back.

The Go Big features rubber rings. It’s durable, somewhat compact but also has good weight and balance. It uses the slim YYJ bearing, but in this case that isn’t really an issue. The rubber rings do mean the yoyo can get some traction and go rolling away from you when it hits the ground.

The Fiesta XX is my choice. It’s bigger than the Go Big, smaller that the Big Yo, wider gap and a full sized YYJ Speed Bearing. A lot of weight is focussed around the middle/center, which is good, letting the flare be more “catch/guide” zone. Now, the celcon may seem stiff, but it’s very durable and should handle a lot of abuse before it finally caves in IF it ever comes to that. Compared to the Big Yo, it’s better for more technical tricks due to it’s longer spin times as a result of the larger gap.

The Duncan Hayabusa I find to to be kinda squashy. While a good player it feels not enough diameter for the width. The Shinwoo Griffin Wing, while cheap, isn’t really all that cheap in build, BUT I find the caps will pop after a while of hitting the ground on misses, so be aware of that. The Yomega Xodus II is an over-sized responsive yoyo with a starburst response and I don’t really care for 1A due to the smaller width.

I also have a used/beat YYJ Aquarius, which I bought to be a beater for learning 4A, and it’s done it’s job nicely and is still a solid 1A performer. They have rubber rings like the Go Big, but uses a B-sized bearing. I’ve also played a Rextreme, and let me tell you, that’s a nice throw too, but too expensive to start with.

Another note about the Fiesta: It’s currently cheaper than the Big Yo. It’s one of those yoyos that can take you from beginner to as far as you want to go with it. I think for the money and what you get, hands down, no argument, it’s the winner here.

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I have had a hayabusa, solar, and windforce. The hayabusa is a bit small, and I think mine broke. The solar is real nice, similar to the windforce. The windforce is my top pick because it has thin and thick spacers, so you choose if your a regen or tech guy

For someone just starting 4A I would go with the fiesta xx. It’s wide and easy to catch but not too big. It has a good spin time and good response.

I learnt the 4A basics on a Freehand with the narrow spacers and fresh stickers.