new 4a yoyo


hey guys ive been looking for a new 4a yoyo and im trying to decide between the big yo and the fiesta. Does anyone have any recommendations. ???. please reply.

(XxFlyingSquirrelxX) #2

From what I have heard the are both a really good choice with offstring. The big yo is considerably bigger and has o-rings. The fiesta is smaller and with no response but still plays great. I have only tried a fiesta and i loved it but this really comes to preference. You cant go wrong with either so just pick one. 4a is a lot of fun!


I got the Fiesta ans it’s REALLY good.


Fiesta all the way.
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you should move it.

i have the bigyo, and i would recomend the fiesta. the bigyo has really slippy binds and




what about the big ben

(XxFlyingSquirrelxX) #8

Thats another excellent choice. I have never tried one or seen one so I don’t know about size or anything. But I have heard that it is great for 4a.


those yoyos are both great but i have the offstring and LOVE it so i recomend that instead


Why do you love it so much?