Offstring yoyo's (any Suggestions??)


HI, I really wan to get into offstring yoyoing more, right now I have a flyng panda and a Hyabusa Sl. I want a better higher quality offstring yoyo so I was wondering which yoyos are good and where i can buy them. Thanks :slight_smile:


IMO the best 4a yoyo available has got to be the fiesta XX i picked one up at worlds and love and throw it every day.


I love the YYJ Fiesta XX. The YYJ Equinox is also an outstanding offstring yoyo. :slight_smile:


Fiesta XX, spins for days


Apparently everyone agrees on Fiesta XX haha.


Understand my position:

I’m collecting right now, but I’m not collecting just to “collect”. I throw what I buy, so items that come in become part of a “working collection” of yoyos. Of course, some stuff gets thrown more or more frequently than others.

I intend to be able to do some in all 5 major styles. 1A, 4A and 5A are of the most interest. So, focussing on 4A, I was recommended to get a Big Yo, which I have. I also bave a Fiesta XX. I also bought a used Aquarius. I’ll probably get a Go Big soon and maybe something else. While I’m not ready for 4A yet, the concept is that when I am, I want the hardware to be here waiting for me, not me waiting for the hardware.

The Fiesta XX seems to be really nice and durable. It’s a decent size and weight. It is recommended for beginners and advanced players.

One thing I would recommend is you check out the new YYE 4A Tutorials featuring Ben Conde:

This may be useful information that you can use to help you decide. It appears YYJ seems to have a big of an edge on the off-string market as they appear to have the largest selection of yoyos intended for 4A play.

If you’re starting out, I recommend the Big Yo. The large size makes catches easier. After you get that down,the Fiesta and Go Big make excellent choices. The issue with the Go Big is with the rubber rims is that it can take off on yo, while the celcon that the Fiesta XX is made from will bounce more than run away. After those models, I can’t justify myself spending any higher on 4A until I get some skills in 4A. The more expensive 4A yoyos from YYJ look fantastic and I’d love to get them, but again, until I get some confidence in 4A, it’s not for me.

So, would I say get a Fiesta XX? Yes. You bet. There’s no valid argument for getting a Big Yo other than the size makes catches easier AND the plastic is very flexible so it should take a lot of abuse before it finally succumbs to failure(any 4A will eventually fail, they get the most abuse). But, there’s nothing wrong with going with the more normal sized 4A Fiesta XX.