I just started 4a yesterday with my Yomega Xodus II and need some advice on what offstring yoyo i should get because i am not really happy with the Xodus II, i really don’t know where to start.
I do know that I dont want to spend more than $30

I’m messing around with 4A to break up what I’m doing in 1A(which is learning…) Anyhow, I have the following:
Fiesta XX
Big Yo

The Aquarius is discontinued, so BST is the way to go. The rubber rims can take a beating and the yoyo will be fine. So, as an alternative, the GO Big would be an ideal replacement, which is one I am debating on getting soon. It’s just under your $30 limit. I bought the Aquarius I have used off BST with the intention of it being a beater for learning 4A with. It did it’s job, and now I need to get a new bearing for it.

The Big Yo makes learning a bit easier due to the large size. If the size is a turn-off, please realize people do use it it competitions, so that’s not bad for the $22.50 it sells for.
The Fiesta XX is of course smaller, made of Celcon and will take a lot of abuse(mine was abused a lot by me yesterday) and plays great. Again, $22.50 and it’s a winner.

Then again, if budget is a concern, there’s the Big Ben and the Shinwoo Griffin Wing that are UNDER the $20 mark. The Griffin Wing is a 4A oriented while the Big Ben is also suitable for 1A play.

I also have an Xodus II and I flat out forgot I had it when I was planning to experiment with learning 4A play, that’s how much I like it.(as in: not really!)

So, here’s my thoughts:
First, I do like YYJ and I have all my 4A experience with YYJ. My recommendations are unfortunately biased.

The Big Yo is fun, affordable, bouncy and durable.
The Fiesta XX is a serious player and the celcon is very tough but rigid and should last a very long time and also has a fantastic price.
If rubber rims are what you’re after, hands down the Go Big is a winner as well.

Pick from those, they all meet your requirements, are 4A throws AND meet your budget.

Now, currently based on what I have, if I had to narrow it down to one, I’m going to say Fiesta XX all the way, but that’s without having played the Go Big because I don’t have one yet. I may have to squeeze one into my next order here at YYE.

On a side note, now that I’ve added 4A and 5A into what I am playing around with, it’s going to have to be a daily thing now. More yoyos, more string, more time enjoying myself.

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Thank you for your help. I’m going with the Fiesta XX!!!

Great choice man, sleeps forever!