Best offstring yoyo!

What’s the best offstring yoyo?

There is no best. Only what’s best for you.

There’s been many threads about this. The bottom line is that terms like “best” are relative based on user’s preferences.

In my case, sticking to production yoyos, the Fiesta XX is my preferred 4A throw. I just like how it performs over other 4A yoyos that I have, with the exception of the Aquarius. Keep in mind, I am specifically stating “production”, meaning “stuff currently being made”.

Of what I have IN PRODUCTION, the Fiesta XX is #1. The Go Big is #2. I won’t say it’s inferior in any way to the Fiesta XX, it’s just very different and plays very different compared to the Fiesta XX.

The Big Yo is big, bouncy, durable and fun. It’s easy to learn on and compete with, but I feel it needs more center weight in a large area, and then push some weight to the rims via a nice round “bead” around the edge of the rims. It’s already heavy due to it’s size, but it doesn’t feel it because the weight is distributed evenly across the entire surface.

It’s strange, the Big Yo costs more than the Fiesta XX these days. When I bought then together a while ago, they were both the cost of the Big Yo. The GoBig, being $30, is justified in the price due to how it is constructed. The rubber portion and the use of materials is simply more expensive to produce, but even so, the price is completely justified. If I had to fall back to something based on what I have in my possession, I’d still be #1 is the Fiesta XX and I’d then quickly choose the Go Big.

I have the Hayabusa, which some people say is a FHZ with rubber rims. I don’t see it, but I won’t deny it. It’s a bit too small for my preferences, but it’s highly playable. I got one in clear to modify with Shinwoo LED kits, so if I ever do a dark performance, I’m set. I think without the LED kits, the weight is perfect for competition. The Flying Panda is basically an over-sized 1A. The bearings that came with mine were packed with grease and after being thoroughly cleaned, plays nice. I also modified one with ProZ Mod spacers, so it plays really good. I will probably stuff Silicone stickers in there soon. The paper/plastic caps do tend to want to pop sometimes.

The Shinwoo Griffin Wing is fun, inexpensive and a decent performer. My issue with it is the caps pop, so don’t miss and you won’t have this problem. It’s also suitable for competition.

Two throws I want to get soon are the Equinox and RExtreme by YYJ. At this point in time, I cannot and will not buy Delrin or Metal(with rubber rimmed) throws for 4A. My skill level does not justify the costs. I refuse to say anything bad about them, I have not played them. While I may quickly spend over $100 on a 1A throw, for 4A, I simply won’t spend more than whatever is the more expensive of the Equinox or RExstreme untill my stills really improve a lot. Since I’m mostly focusing on 1A, that day may never come for me. Then again, that day may never come due to my satisfaction with that I do have.

In my collection, I also have a Free Agent and 4 Aquarius. Once you adjust the gap, these play really sweet. They can sometimes be hard to come by. They show up in BST in small waves some times. It’s odd but when you see one, you often see a few more show up soon.


YYR Maestro, 'cause it’s expensive, and it’s YYR.