New Offstring

I’m thinking about getting a new offstring throw. Any suggestions? I dont really have a price range. Hows the Rextreme? I like the looks of that because it comes in clear. I would maybe get a Milkshake or Solar if I could find one on the BST.

I just got a fiesta xx and I totally love it. I still need to work ony throw scaups it is pretty weak, but I have heard good things about it and seen people do amazing things with it.

All ready have that.

My advice for 4A is to start off on the lesser expensive side, say, under $30. That still leaves what some people consider to be the best 4A yoyos within the budget, such as the Go Big, Big Yo and Fiesta XX.

Unlike most styles, 4A yoyos get dropped a lot, probably a lot more than even in 5A. Whatever you get is going to get beat up at first. That’s why I suggest not spending a lot NOW. Once you get the hang of 4A, then spend whatever you want.

For me, the Fiesta XX is my favorite off-string. I started with a beat-up Aquarius. I then moved to the Fiesta XX. I have other 4A throws as well. The Fiesta XX is cheaper than the Big Yo and the Go Big. The Go Big’s rubber rings ar enice, but at the same time, the Fiesta XX is made of very durable celcon. The Big Yo is very bouncy and flexible. I advise against the Yomega Xodus II as it’s too small to really start on. The Duncan Hayabusa is kind of squashy with not enough diameter for width in my opinion, but it is a good player, just not the best to learn on. The Shinwoo Griffin Wing is nice and cheap, durable and a good size, But, in my experience, the caps will pop out after 10 drops. They’ll snap right back in, but it’s annoying. It’s cheap too, but I mean that in cost, not construction.

The Fiesta XX to me is the best options from the standpoint it can take you from beginner to as far as you want it to take you, including competition, and for a great price.

The Big Yo, only a little bit more than the Fiesta XX, is big and easy to catch, bit is a bit grabby and doesn’t spin as long in my opinion. But it is a serious performer and is suitable from beginning to competition.

If you want rubber rims, the Go Big is still beginner friendly, yet is clearly designed for competition as well.

But what you’re leaving out is “What do you have” and “where are you, skill level wise, in your opinion”. That helps steer things.

I’ve played a ReXtreme. It’s nice. I like the size, shape, weight and where they put that weight ring. I’d say if you’re pretty darn good on catching, then why not go ahead and spend the money, right?

I have the Fiesta XX…

Yes, you said that.

Get what you want then.

The ReXtreme is really good. It’s a bit expensive though. . .

Big Yo.

I’d say an Aquarius from John Narum, he’s selling some of his, and some are used it contests,(worlds) and some are modified (sprockets), plus you help out john Narum!

The Hayabusa would have to be my favorite (until I fix my stunt pilot) 4a yoyo right now. I really enjoy the weight and feel the yoyo has. The other one I’d suggest would be Ben Conde’s Go Big. It’s a bit wider than I’d like, but it plays great, and the rubber rims provide a much softer noise whenever you drop it. I agree with Studio42 about assessing your skills first. My advice would be play around with your Fiesta XX a bit, see what you like and dislike about it when playing 4a, post those likes and dislikes here, and then maybe we can find the perfect one for you. And lastly, don’t just go off looks.

I agree with the Go Big it’s a great offstring yoyo. I have heard good things about the milkshake but haven’t tried one yet.

I’ve been looking at the God Tricks Windforce, looks like a pretty solid throw to me.