I Need a 4a Yoyo!

Suggestions? <$30 please.

fiesta xx or a go big. (go big is a little over 30 after shipping)
or if you don’t mind going used, check out the b/s/t.

in my opinion, these are the best inexpensive offstrings. I’ve tried the big yo, aquarius, original fiesta, hayabusa, among others, and those two (personally I like the go big better, but it’s more for ben’s style) are some of the best I’ve used. my personal favourite is the milkshake, but that’s pretty out of your price range.

Fiesta XX all the way. It’s very affordable, durable, giant catch zone, good weight, balance and spin times.

I have many off-strings. While I like throwing my Aquarius(I have 4 now), my go-to is my Fiesta XX.

YYE has other stuff right in there as far as price. The Hayabusa is nice, but really, I find it too squashy. It’s a good player. Going cheap? Shinwoo Griffin Wing is OK. The Big Yo is nice, but the novelty wears off fast. Still, it’s a god player so don’t knock it, but the Fiesta XX is cheaper and I feel is better. The Go Big is really sweet too.

Given my preferences, I prefer the Fiesta XX. If you’re just messing around, the Shinwoo Griffin Wing will do what you need and do it pretty darn good. However, really there’s no the same “upgrade path” marketplace like with 1A, it’s pretty much “go pro”. I also really like YYJ products and I think they have an edge on the off-string market. When I get better, I will buy an Equinox and a Rextreme, but not yet.

Yah, it seems everybody loves the Fiesta XX. Thanks!